Relationship Marketing on Google Plus & My Mistake

You’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about the title. Actually, I’ve been meaning to write this story for a while now, but didn’t know how to go about tellingrelationship marketing on google plus it. It’s one that puts me in the dog house and exposes my ignorance for what it was at the time. I’m actually ashamed and embarrassed to tell this story, but it has proven to be quite a learning experience for me over time. One that I have benefited from too.

This is the story of how I botched the start of a beautiful friendship, and why I’m now labeled as the Relationship Marketer of social media. The two really don’t go together when you think about it. However, here is the story of why I became such on social media.

The Beginning of Relationships

You may have a different strategy when it comes to making friends online. I think we all have about the same foundation, but perhaps we all take a different route at one point or another in cultivating those relationships we make which is great, that’s what makes our individuality stand out and makes us genuine.

My personal approach is to make friends with people anywhere. If you want to be my friend, great! Hit me up on Google Plus and let’s talk sometime. I feel that my personality allows people to approach me whenever they want to. I tend to remember the idiot that started this blogging career 20 months ago, and I really don’t care who I talk to, just as long as we both can benefit from it.

However my strategy is to build relationships with people more influential than myself. Not that I will not be your friend if you have just started, I most definitely will, but of course it’s going to help all the more when you have someone with a large and responsive following in your corner rooting for you to do well. One of my favorites, actually there’s two, are Mark Traphagen and Mike Allton. It’s good to have friends like these in your corner.

The beginning for me, is basically sharing and interacting with that person. Now while it would be great if you could do this for one day and make a true friend, it just doesn’t work that way. If you’re wanting to build a true friend online, one where you both grow to trust each other, it takes some time and consistency on your part. They don’t necessarily have to flirt with you or make you trust them. You already do, that’s why you’re pursuing them. The hard part is building that trust up that they will eventually have for you.

Why Relationships Are Important

If you’re thinking about making money online without talking to a soul, then you may as well pack it up and go back to your day job. What most people won’t tell you is that unless you come into a website that’s already developed and making money, it’s going to be a while before you start seeing some green.

This is where relationships come in handy. Relationships are important on so many levels!

Number one, they can open up doors to other people that you would never have met without the person. Now you have an opportunity to build a relationship with someone else. Someone that the person you’re trying to build a relationship with, already knows and trusts.

Number two, relationships come in handy when you are trying to promote that post to get some traffic. I have found that I get excited when I post a new article to Google Plus, not because of the traffic that I will receive from it, but to see who is going to share, plus one, and generally interact with me on that update. It’s exciting to see who your “new friend” will bring to your door the day of publication.

Number three, because of your relationship you have made with that person it opens up new doors for opportunities. Perhaps a guest post on their popular site, get invited to do a hangout on air with them, etc. These basically give you more exposure to new people that you’ve never seen before, new people that have never seen you either, more importantly, and therefore because your new friend has you on “their turf” so to speak, because those people trust your new friend, they in turn, trust you as well and will circle you.

Number four because trust is such a hard thing to come by these days, its always great to have someone in your niche that you can go to when you have a question or just need to talk. Someone who will give you the hard solid truth when you need to hear it, someone who will encourage you, and prompt you to do better. The person who can do all of this and still make you want to become greater at whatever it is you’re doing is someone that is a true friend.

In my new Google Hangout on Air called Relationship Marketing, I will definitely be covering the basic stuff to building a solid relationship. However, it’s not just the actions that you do every day. You should stop by on my inaugural show this Thursday December 5th at 8pm EST and see what it’s all about! I’ll have my good friend Mark Traphagen there to share his side of the relationship and to tell people how it feels to be pursued. This should help all of the people looking to make friends with an influential person in their niche.

Where I Messed Up

Well, I figured I would get to this part eventually, and this is where I get a little embarrassed. I will not disclose the name of the powerhouse person of influence that I blew it with, so please don’t ask. For the sake of their dignity I will not tell you who it is. Just know that if you’re reading this, then you probably know this person.

I wasn’t doing anything different than I had done before. All the other relationships that I had created came in this fashion. They all took a while to cultivate, but I was willing to spend however much time I had to with this person because I:

  1. Loved their personality and knew they were cool
  2. Had all respect for them in what they did
  3. Agreed with their viewpoints on just about everything
  4. Respected what they had done with their business

Generally all of those things and a bit more was what I felt for the person that I wanted to get to know more personally. So I started my quest. Just as with any other person I began to put them in my circles, plus one everything that looked significant for my followers, and also a lot of resharing. I was commenting and interacting, or trying to, on their updates online, but nothing seemed to be working.

Granted I knew this was going to take a while and I was willing to stay in there for the long haul, however, something wasn’t right. When I would comment I would try to make relative and educational opinions on their posts to show that I was interested in what they had to say and to show them I had a voice about the matter too, that I cared about the same things they did. But when I would do these things, and a lot of other people would do it too, they seemed to talk to everyone else but me. They would come back and plus mention every other person that had commented on their post and would leave me out every time.

I know, I’m a big crybaby.

One day, as I was visiting their blog to share and comment on something interesting, I noticed a post that they had written. I’ll not tell you the title of the post, but as we all know, it’s really important to mention all of the people that have commented on your social media posts. This is no big revelation, everybody has written about that at one time or another, and, at this time, this person had written about doing that.

I don’t know why, I guess I was having a bad day, what I did just wasn’t me, but I commented on their blog post. I told them that I thought they were hypocritical to say this to all of the people that followed them. Tell people to do one thing and then turn around and not follow through with what you were preaching. In my book that’s not cool. So I got mad.

Now this is totally not like me. I hadn’t even give the process enough time yet. I was rushing it. However I let me emotions get the best of me and I commented something like this on their blog.

I think it’s pretty hypocritical of you to tell your readers to do one thing on social media when you’re not even following through with it yourself.  I have been on your Google Plus updates commenting, sharing, and trying to interact with you.  You seem to see everyone else and talk to everyone else BUT me.  Why is that?  Have I done something to upset you?  We hardly know one another, but I’m trying to remedy that.  I’m going to go try again.  I may have this all wrong, but I want to see if maybe you’re truly not seeing my comments.

So I went and found another update they had just posted and tried to see if they would actually do what they were telling their blog readers to do, which was to respond to every comment.  After a while about 20 people commented, along with me.  They still responded to every person but me.

At this moment I should have just walked away, but hey, I’m a pretty cool guy and a good friend to have so I wanted to know why they were doing me like this!  Instead of letting it go, I then went back to their blog and commented again telling them that very thing.  That I was a pretty cool friend to have and that I was trying to build a relationship with them.

In the end, they ended up calling me out in front of that whole group on the last update and telling everyone that I was mad at them…to this day this person will not tag me when talking about me, they ping my friends and my friends let me know what they’re saying about me.  This person is not some fly by night marketer, this person is a huge personality in the social media world and if I told you who they were you would definitely know who I am talking about.

Things you can learn from my mistakes

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of building a relationship.  Don’t get mad when it doesn’t work for you right away.  Don’t get pouty like I did when they don’t speak to you the first time.  Also, remember that a person with a large following may not see your notifications right away.  But in the end, you can tell someone by the way they act.  This person will never be my friend and that’s a sad thing on their part.  Known for their “socialness” online, they are simply playing a game with the people that follow them.  I have found that person’s true inner being and what they’re all about.  They’re not genuine, they ride the wave of mediocrity and falseness until they have convinced themselves that they are really that person.

Another thing you can learn about people and building relationships is that not all relationships work.  You may see someone that you think would be a great fit for you but really find out that this person is not who you think they are.  Sadly most people are only out for themselves in this industry.  Only there to get more followers to build their social score higher and look more powerful.  But when it comes down to the nitty gritty of making friends, they lack what it takes to build a meaningful relationship.  You will eventually waste your time with these people in the end.

The Final Thought

I have asked this person to come on my show and tell their side of the story. All you guys are hearing is my side. It’s not fair to judge this person until you can actually hear their side of this story that I just told, and I told them that. I’ve tried pinging them in a private update on Google Plus, I’ve tried to talk to them via PM on G+ too, but to no avail. This person just doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. The only part that irritates me about this whole thing is that they aren’t even real enough to come on the show and have a real discussion about the problem.

Either way, friendships is where your success lies. If one person doesn’t want to cultivate that relationship with you, then another one will…like me.

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