1. Its depends on lots of factors. In my FB , most of the friends are my college friends, so if there is something real news worthy then I share it otherwise I won’t.
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  2. Twitter:
    Hi Richard,

    I found your post irresistibly sharable. Goes onto my twitter and FB. Its a perfectly analised post and you speak the hard truth.

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  3. It all depends upon the quality of post and sometimes the relationship … If the blogger is already a good friend then i wont hesitate but if he is not and quality of post iss also not good then have to think na?
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  4. Hello Richard well written,
    As I think there is one and strong reason for sharing is that, how much can we attract the readers through our content off-course it doesn’t mean that simply content. I am talking about researched and informative content that provide benefits to the reader. As we know there are thousands of blogs has same topic and why we would share those, beside that great content has always shared by us.
    Thanks for sharing.
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