: The Best Online Curator For Your Topics

scoop itIf you didn’t know, is an online curating site where you can collect links from your favorite topics or niche under one roof. Something like that may not sound much but it has some great features which if used effectively, can help you in both marketing your blog as well as gaining new readers or followers for your blog.

Share Content on all Social Media Networks has the option of allowing you to share your content throughout every major social networking profiles. you scoop an article of yourself or others, you can share it on all social media networks including your Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn group, WordPress, Tumbir and Buffer Account.

The only catch for Facebook Page and LinkedIn group is that you can only select one fan page and only one linkedin group. It can very handy to save time sharing when you can publish your article on every social media networks simultaneously.

Gain Followers

Another great feature of using is that people can follow you and your topics. When visit your topics and generates a view, then it is added to the counter for the total number of views on your topic. Since, you are able to see the number of views, you can get a rough idea about how well your topic is doing in the market.

When people follow you, you get a notification e-mail in your inbox about who is following you. also has a cool feature of showing reactions on each of your topics (if there is any). By reactions, it simply shows you whether content was shared somewhere or if someone thanked you for it or if it was re-scooped.

Follow other Bloggers on

We all want to follow someone for guidance. gives you the chance to do that as well. Well, currently I only follow one person on, and that is none other than Ms. Ileane Smith of . I have to admit that I haven’t been very active on but slowly I’m getting there.

When you follow someone like Ileane Smith, you get tons of posts on your dashboard which can give you lots of ideas and provide you with lots of things to learn as well. The thing is if you really want to follow someone, you should only follow the top bloggers in your niche who can provide you with valuable tips and who can really help you with your blog.

Get Suggested Content

This is one of the best features that has. When you register as a user, you will have to provide keywords about your niche or topic and on the basis of those keywords, suggested content from around the internet are presented to you. As far as I have seen, the suggested content that will be presented to you are one of the best.

It’s very difficult to find content like that only via search engines. The most important thing that you can gain from this is that you will never face writer’s block. The number of suggested content is so huge that you will have to find more time blogging about this topics.

Another great feature of  ‘Suggested Content’ is that you can filter the source type according to your choice which includes Facebook pages, Google Blogs, Google News, Google videos, RSS Feeds, User Suggestions, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Mailchimp Support

We all know that a mailing list is important for any blogger or an online business. The quality of e-mails will scoop.itdecide whether your subscribers will stay on as your subscriber or will leave your list. gives you the chance to accomplish this task as well. has recently teamed up with Mail Chimp to enable users send a newsletter to their subscribers directly from your topic. Moreover, you can send a maximum of 5 posts in a single newsletter. All you have to do is connect your Mail Chimp account with your account.

The best thing about this feature is that you can send a mail to yourself to see how it looks and you can also add social sharing buttons to your newsletter which enables your subscribers to share directly from the inbox itself.

Over to you. So, what do you think about and it’s recent tie up with Mail Chimp?  Share your views with us in the comment section.

Lahaul Seth is an engineering student who loves surfing the internet and loves writing articles on blogging tips , widgets and social media. He is also a programmer and a web designer. He mostly writes on his blog – Blog Tips Codes. He has recently launched a new WordPress blog – Lion Blogger

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  1. I think, it has lately joined up with mail chimp to allow customer deliver a publication to their members straight from your subject. However, you can deliver a highest possible of content in one publication. It is my personal opinion. I don’t how to treat you my comment. Thanks!

    • Hi Jaber,
      You’re right. recently teamed up with mailchimp … The feature could be very useful for us … I have yet to test it though ….Thanks for stopping by and commenting … :)

  2. Nice article. I should have used it more often. Thanks for introducing the newsletter function, it is a new thing to me.

  3. Hmm…very interesting info you have added here. Perhaps I should take the time to look at Scoopit.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care. Regards


  4. I think suggest content is a great feature of, as lot of bloggers go through writer’s block. Plus when you can share your content to various popular social media sites from one place, it only saves your important time but you can also check the impact.

    • Hi Aasma,
      You’re right. Suggested content can really help in gathering ideas for blog post and it saves time because you’re only looking at one place. Thanks for dropping off a comment. Have a great weekend.

  5. If you did not know information, it is an on the internet curating website where you can gather hyperlinks from your preferred subjects or market under one ceiling. Something like that may not audio much but it has some function which if used successfully.

  6. Good post Lahaul,

    I’ll have to look into scoop I was thinking of doing more on other platforms.

    Hard to do so much with so little time in a day.

  7. Thanks for sharing with us this cool tool I should give it a try !

    have a great day !

  8. I haven’t heard of before. I wanna try it and see if it perfectly works for me. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi lahaul
    I hadn’t even heard of scoop it. Sounds like a good place to go to help with exposure to hopefully targeted traffic sources. I have been looking about to try and find sites where I can get to find target audience groups rather than having to try and find a needle in a hay stack. You have sold it to me I am going to go and have a look.

    Thanks for info lee

  10. Undoubtedly, is one of the best sources of traffic these days.

  11. The bookmarklet can easily be setup on the Apple iPad. This makes is possible to share content to directly from the Safari web browser app.

  12. a wonderful thing. i am using it since last 8 months.


  1. : The Best Online Curator For Your Topics…

    If you didn’t know, is an online curating site where you can collect links from your favorite topics or niche under one roof. Something like that may not sound much but it has some great features which if used effectively, can help you in bot…