Why The Sheraton Made Me Remember Where I’m From-and my Blog

Ok so this past month I’ve been traveling all over the country. I just returned from Oklahoma and Arkansas and this week I’m in Richmond, VA (about 5 hours from my home town) with my wife, who has to do some government training for her job.

So they put us up in the Sheraton Hotel. As you know, this is a pretty fancy place, and if you know anything about me, you know that I’m not used to staying in places like this, although I could get used to it!

Early this morning, as I went out to try their fitness center, I thought I would try the “complimentary” breakfast buffet. After chowing down on aboutweary 10 eggs and that many sausages, a waiter came over to me and gave me a bill for $20! Slack jawed with egg dribbling out of my mouth, I slowly took the ticket…hey, this was supposed to be free!

That got me to thinking about blogs today.

Just because you’re fancy…

Just because you have a fancy blog doesn’t mean that you should shoot your affiliate links all over the place to your new visitors. What would happen if all I did was try to charge you for something that was supposed to be free in the first place? Not good, right?

Everything around you can be a testament to how your blog is run.

Recently, I was on someone’s site where I saw a “free” ebook. Of course, I had to sign up to their email list, but that’s ok, I don’t mind doing that! When I signed up, what was supposed to be free, turned out to be a squeeze page for the rest of the book ($19.99). I DID get the first chapter for free, but the deal was that the whole book would be free!

Don’t do that.

This incident got me to thinking about where I came from, and how I would have never stayed at a fancy place like this before I started my blog. Would the Hampton Inn have been just as nice? Sure, and their breakfast would have been free too. The people that stay at the Sheraton pay mostly for the ambiance and atmosphere rather than a comfortable bed and free breakfast. What “appears” to be rich…why do we like things like that? Why are we drawn to things that look expensive?

That brings me to yet another point. You can have a professional looking site. You can have all of the appearance of being fancy because people are drawn to professionalism and money. If it looks like you’re making money, then it’s a good chance that people WILL buy something from you. Now I believe in taking care of your site and all that hoorah, but I don’t believe in charging for every little thing that I do on that blog.

Make your’s count

The visitor is the most important thing on your site. Even before you learn how to make money. Even before your desire to want to make money. The visitor comes first. Don’t have a complimentary breakfast? Fine, just don’t tell people that you do. It’s a great way to lose business. I know, I’ll never stay at the Sheraton again.

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  1. Darnell Jackson says:

    Ha haaaaaa!

    Yeah it’s all over the place though.

    Then they treat you like you’re wrong because you went for THEIR offer, LOL.

    Have you noticed the games they are playing in the grocery store?
    Smaller packages, same price.

    At the airport oh you can fly but your bag needs a ticket too, it’s hilarious.