Social Media Infographics: What They Are & How They Can Be Used

Who doesn’t love a good social media infographic right?  Have you seen a lot of infographics lately?  If you have then it has probably been on Twitter or some other site that only allows a small amount of words to be used in an update.  The infographic is an awesome tool to use on these types of social media sites because they allow us to send a lot of information quickly and efficiently to the reader.

And they’re cool.

I recently did a post where I only had an infographic for my post, and I would like to discuss the importance of them and how you cansocial media infographics make them for your site.

The Importance of Visualization in Social Media

Visual images are very important in driving traffic on social media sites. It is a proven fact that those updates that have pictures or images included with your update link has more effect than those that do not.

Why? It induces more curiosity and it also builds the updater’s integrity to the reader to portray that they actually know what they are talking about and can help them.

Have you ever seen someone’s updates that didn’t include pictures? Not only does it really aggravate me and look very unprofessional, but it also takes away from the readers experience and how they react to that particular update in question.

Having images is a big deal.

Why Infographics are important in social media

Well, as you know, an infographic usually includes either lots of images or statistics for the reader to absorb visually. An infographic is basically a faster way to include lots of information in a short period of time to the reader and they are very popular in the social marketing world because of this.

How Infographics can be important to your site

Ever had writer’s block? Sure you have, we all have. If you’ve not had the sheer displeasure of experiencing this, then rest assured that you will eventually and when you do, having the idea of posting an infographic is a life saver on your blog.

And this is the whole point of writing this post today. To show you how to actually create your own cool infographics on your own.

Infographics Implemented on Your Blog

There are tons of different infographic sites that you can use for your main template, but the one that I used the other day was from Piktochart. As like the other infographic sites, you can use their premium services which will cost you money, but you don’t really have to. Everything and all of the tools that you need to edit your graphic is right there at your fingertips the only bad thing about using the free version is that you are limited to what types of themes that you can use.

If you do choose to purchase the premium themes and features then it will cost you around $29 per month. However, you really don’t need to if you’re only going to do a couple of infographics every two months or so.

But, as I was saying, it is super simple to create your own at this website. Here is an infographic that really explains how everything is super easy to do. Simplified instructions, uploads, text, images, and everything that you will need to create your own super infographic that you can display in your social media updates.


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  1. Twitter:
    Good topic Wade,
    Do you think people are getting kind of tired of the over sized infographics?

    I like the smaller sized meme images much better.
    I’m planning to do a test where I slice an infographic down to 8 or 12 meme graphics.

    Since infographics make usually 8-12 points I want to test breaking up the huge image and seeing what happens.
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  2. Everyone likes infographic! You are very right! The main is to remember that less is more. No need to stuff your blog with infographic, it will be a bad sign of taste and mind… Thanks for sharing the info! Like to read you!
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    This is a quite useful new information for me. I have not known about infographic before and here it is described simply. This is a precious information I must know. Thank you for sharing this informatin Wade. I really know this from you and I want to practise it for my blog. As you say that having images is a big deal.
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  4. Twitter:
    Lot of blogs and businesses are using infographics to attract and interact with their audience. However I’ve seen many infographics, which are way too long and generally takes long time to load. We actually don’t have enough time to wait for their complete loading.
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    awesome info graphics, really awesome method to share the complete information in really understandable form…
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  6. Superb, nice buddy.
    Very informative and interesting too. Thanks for sharing. And please reply me, which is the social media having more dynamically?
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  7. You are very right! The main is to remember that less is more. No need to stuff your blog with infographic, it will be a bad sign of taste and mind… Thanks for sharing the info! Like to read you
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