How To Get Attention With Your Social Media Marketing Updates

Social media marketing updates has come to the forefront of making money.  Both with large corporations and small business bloggers like you and I are understanding the social media marketing updatesimportance of social media marketing updatesas a whole and how it pertains to making money online.

There is one problem though.

You’re not the only person using it for financial gain.  There are millions of others out there that are competing for a piece of the pie.  There are others out there that want to catch that next reader in order to convert them later.

You’re not the only one, but you can have the upper hand.

Social Media Marketing Updates “Same Old, Same Old”

Think about it. Take your own personal experience when it comes to social media sites. Without knowing that you’re doing this, you constantly look for someone that you know. Someone that is trusted by you.

Why do you do this? Because your brain is making the connection of trust, it is therefore creating a personality trait within you that connects you to that person. It has been argued that trust increases subjective well-being because it enhances the quality of one’s interpersonal relationships, and happy people are skilled at fostering good relationships.

That’s what others are experiencing

People you don’t know are scrolling through the social media platforms looking for their friends or people they trust because their brain is allowing them to disregard everything else with reticular formation. This can also be called cognitive recognition in social media marketing.

Let me coach you and make your social media marketing better!

Social Media Marketing Updates Tactics To Break Them Free

What makes people pay attention to you? When you’re at a party, or in a restaurant, what can you do that will make those people in that social situation pay attention to you?

You can act like an idiot, that will definitely get their attention, but in a negative way. Which will in turn make them feel above you. In this type of social media marketing updates you want people to feel that you’re an authority on a certain subject without causing them to build a wall in front of you as you make your advance to the sale.

Another way you can get people’s attention in a social situation is by announcing something. Say you’re about to propose to your girlfriend and you “ding” your glass and call attention to yourself that way. This type of attention creates warmth and appreciation with others. They have empathy because the people that are already married begin to reminisce about the day that they asked their wife to marry them or vice versa.

This type of attention through social marketing can get you the attention you want, but is more of a passive way of bringing people to the sale. Creating this type of break out with people you don’t know usually leads them to feel warm and fuzzy, not as though they needed something.

The final way, and one that I think is very important, you can get their attention in a public place by choking. Now, for lack of a better explanation, I will use this example because it can show you a real world scenario that you can use to refer to your social media marketing.

Choking causes all types of emotions in a social situation. One time a little girl was choking in a restaurant at the table beside ours, and without asking her parents permission, I jerked her out of her seat, turned her upside down and relieved her of the chicken bone that was lodged in her throat.

Of course the parents were grateful, they even bought my dinner that night, and it got everyone’s attention. This is the type of attention you want to get from people that you don’t know on social media.

Here’s the key points from the choking incident:

  • Attention was made
  • I acted on the situation after the attention was made
  • Even though I was rough a reward was given
  • Because I helped, other people were inclined to come and thank me

Forget about the share.  You’re trying to make some money.  When you get people’s attention in this way on social media, no matter what you do to them, they will thank you for it.  You’re helping them accomplish something and they will tell your friends, it will get out so that other people will be coming to you for advice on a certain subject.

Become the authority on a topic in your social media marketing updates and people will flock to you!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  3. Gagandeep Singh says:

    Social media marketing is the best way to make your blog go viral. Agree or not?

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    Sure I agree. however it’s not simply being in social promoting that’s planning to build your posts go infectious agent

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    Very informative post, Wade.

    I think that social media is more so about full-fledged engagement, rather than just broadcasting blog updates or posting random things about what you’re doing throughout your day. You have to really get involved with your audience and invoke their interaction. Ask questions, share relatable stories and the like.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I’m glad to have found your post over on bizsugar.



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    How To Get Attention With Your Social Media Marketing Updates…

    Social media marketing updates has come to the forefront of making money.  Both with large corporations and small business bloggers like you and I are understanding the importance of social media marketing updatesas a whole and how it pertains to makin…