It’s A Long Way To The Top, If You Wanna Rock n Roll In Social Media!

I wish this was a story I could tell while posting this from my yacht in the South Caribbean, but sadly, I can’t.

Rather, this post finds me writing on the couch with the computer on my lap and my socks the way my wife hates them…half off, and flapping in the wind.

Now I know my good friend Allie Rambles is laughing right now as she remembers something funny I disclosed to her asocial media rock n roll couple of weeks back on what I wear to work every day…and don’t think I’m telling you though!

But as I write this post, the more I think about my favorite AC/DC song, “It’s A Long Way To The Top If Ya Wanna Rock n Roll! This song basically talks about the dream of a young band wanting to be in the big leagues. How they played in different places, getting a whiff of the stardom.

I would like to tell you how I took a nine month old blog and got it noticed by one of the biggest sites in the world!

My Nomination

I recently got a Top Ten Social Media Blog Nomination from a really great site called

This actually came as a shock to me because as of the time they nominated me, my blog was only 9 months old. I later talked to some people that told me as far as they knew, they had never heard of a blog that young getting this type of honor.

Naturally I was floored when I heard the news.

Apparently, the first round was given to the general public. This was where SocialMediaExaminer allowed their readers, and anyone who happened to be stopping by, give a nomination to their favorite social media blog. The blog owner had to have at least 5-10(I’m not sure of the number) nominations by the everyday person before that blog was accepted into yet another round. There were 750 blogs mentioned by various people all over the country.

In this round, the staff at SocialMediaExaminer picked 24 blogs out of those 750 to be listed in their final cut for the top ten. This led to yet another round where 3 people would then judge and grade each individual blog on content, connection, and what-not.

Too Close

Sadly, didn’t receive the little badge that is ever so coveted in the social media world of blogging.

I was up against giants in industry that had worked years in the business. Oh well, maybe next year right?

But I’m not writing this post for you to feel sorry for me. I’m writing this to share with you how I took a new blog and brought it into the same arena as people that HAD been doing this for years.

…Here’s my story

Does Social Media Actually Work?

When I first started blogging, all I could think about was building links and taking my blog to the first page of Google. Proof of this hard work is in the keyword “Make Money Blogging”. I haven’t checked in a while, but I used to be on the first page of Google for that keyword.

It took me four months to get it there.

SEO is a great thing to do, but it’s a long and slow process if you’re trying to out rank someone that has been there awhile.  Even though I did get one high value keyword on the first page, it did take me a long time to do.  So while I don’t discount using SEO techniques, you won’t see me really promoting them a lot here on BloggersMakeMoney because as far as accomplishing anything in SEO, that one keyword is about all I have gotten on my resume.

This was actually a blessing in disguise.  This pushed me into diving headlong into the niche that I am in right now.  Social media is one of the best ways that you can use to build your site from the very beginning.

It takes relationships:

Don’t let anyone fool you.  Believe me, I can remember, when I first started, buying into all kinds of different “programs” that promised a lot of money with little work.  I sometimes still check behind my ears to see if they are wet from time to time.  I lost a lot of money trying to be rich on the internet.

Like I said, you make your own choices, don’t be fooled by something that looks promising.  You are only going to become successful through social media by building relationships and building trust with your readers.

It’s one thing to read a blog that is full of affiliate links and empty promises, but it’s another thing to be dead broke and try being brutally honest with people.

You’re not going to get anyone’s attention overnight!

How social media marketing worked for me

Hating the search engine optimization work, I jumped at the chance to talk to other human beings out there.  I’ll never forget the first person I ever met online and to this day, he and I still share each others stuff.  No we’re not in the same niche, partially because I was too stupid to care about NOT making friends with someone that wasn’t, and partially because I didn’t know any better anyway.

There have been discussions that I have had with people that argue that we only need to make friends with people that are only in our niche.  That’s just plain dumb if you ask me.  One of my really great friends, Allie Rambles, has nothing to do with my niche!  If I had kept to these rules I would have missed out on a great friendship with a great person!

Should you be picky about who you make nice to?  I say no.  Although there are other “top bloggers” who would disagree with me on this topic.  Believe me, I know.  There are some of them that wouldn’t @#!* on you if you were on fire!  But you should never be that way to people!

My Social Media Marketing Strategies That Got Me Noticed

social mediaFirst of all you want to get your content to as many people as you can when you hit that “publish” button. If you don’t have a large following yet, there’s some things that you can do to build your reach further than you could send it by yourself. This is where building relationships comes in handy.

-Create A Social Sharing Group

Get out there and meet people in your niche. I know that I said to befriend everyone that you meet, and you still can, but for this purpose you need to have as many people as you can that are writing about the same things that you are because their fan base is the fan base that you’re wanting to reach.

Once you have met about 10-15 people, create a closed Google Community where each person submits a new post to the group and then that group in turn shares it to all of their social media accounts.

As you blog, you will find people like this eventually. People that have either started right about the same time as you or are on the same plane as you are in their blog. These are the people that you are going to eventually see everyday…trust me, you will, so you may as well reach out to them as soon as you start seeing them regularly.

Let people know who you are

This really only works after a while and after you’ve been kinda established in blogging for at least 6 months. Of course, there is no time limit on this, but generally by the six month mark, if you haven’t quit, then you have established to people that you know what you’re doing by now.

When I say “let people know who you are” I mean let famous people know who you are. Pick some bloggers that are in your niche and start sharing their posts and updates. Go to their blog and become a faithful reader. Subscriber to their list too! This is the best ways to really get to know that popular person because people write what they feel. Whether they know it or not, you can tell a lot about a person in the way they write.

Reach out to them after a couple of week of sharing and say hi. Of course you may get shattered like I did when I tried contacting Brian Clark of CopyBlogger, but hey, you can say that you at least tried it, right?

Ok the personal stuff is over

Basically, it’s all based on building relationships and making friends. Their are tons of opportunities that come out of you simply being friendly to someone. But I want to get past the personal things that you can do with people and focus on the other things that you can do to bring readers to your blog.

Writing Catchy Titles for Social Updates

I can never say this enough. Catchy titles are very important in driving traffic to your blog. The reason for writing the catchy title is not just because it’s super cool, but because when someone shares your article, THAT’S what they’re sharing-the title. So it’s obviously important because it really brings people in.

Follow Up

After the catchy title is written, don’t bomb out on the content. Once you have reeled them in out of the safety of their social site, you have to keep them on your blog. Content is still important. Most of the things that I write, I actually do a lot of research on. This is really the only post I have written in a while that I haven’t researched out, and I guess I could still say that I have researched it a little because I’ve had to look at my update notes on this from time to time.

The only time when you wouldn’t research something is when you are writing from your heart. Writing takes on the forms of two images: 1)Emotional 2)Logical – Pick one and take off with it.

Plain Social Updating-With Hot Words

You ever find yourself on social media posting and re-posting your articles? Sure you have. We’ve all done that. Some too much!

Think about it. If that article you posted on Google Plus didn’t get a lot of “+1′s” the first go-around, why would it get any the second?

Well, maybe the person that would be interested in the post isn’t online right now. That could be true, but what are you doing wrong by not getting the shares?

If you’re only posting, “Here’s how to do something or another, blah blah blah” then no wonder people aren’t +1′ing your update! You’ve not made it interesting enough for someone to want to give you that love!

There are reasons that your updates aren’t getting shares:

  1. You don’t put anything in the update line
  2. You actually post too much in the update line
  3. It’s too drab(not interesting)
  4. It’s not interesting(too drab)
  5. You’re not taking advantage of hashtags and keywords
  6. You’re not creating a call to action
  7. You’re not creating excitement, curiosity, or some other kind of emotion

It’s a really long list and for sake of time(and because I’m trying to watch Monday Night Raw) I’m going to cut the list short, but I wouldsocial media still like to go over the updating with you.

1. You’re not putting any information in the update- That’s an easy one.  Sometimes we get lazy when we update.  I’ve done it before!  Start putting forth an effort in your updates and at least say something!

2. Posting too much- If you’re trying to update to the public then this is not a good idea to do.  However, if you’re trying to engage people in your fan base or community then I can understand why you would want to post a long update.  Let’s focus on posting to the public.  Keep it short and sweet.  People aren’t wanting to read “War & Peace” in your updates.  Short and simple and to the point.

3 & 4 It’s just not interesting- Nothing more to say.  Your update is boring.

5. Hashtags & Keywords- This is when you take a hashtag or keyword and implement it into your update smartly.  For instance I like  updating about social media, so my hashtag would be #socialmedia.  There is even something called “newsjacking” where you can review the hot trends of that particular social media platform for that day and use those hashtags or keywords in your posts to build more traffic quicker.  Be warned that this only works if you have a relevant post about the trend that you have picked.

6. Not creating a CTA- Prompting people to go to your site by not actually telling them outright to go to your site is a very tricky, yet simple thing to do.  A call to action word usually starts with the 5 “W’s” and they are “Who, What, When, Where, and Why”.  For example: Why I make so much more money on my blog than you do [link]  That would make anyone want to click.

7. Not creating enough emotion- Emotion is a social media psychological trick that people use to drive traffic. This is also pretty simple to do.  You can also implement the 5 W’s in this as well, or you can just simply create the emotion in the title(which would also have to be catchy).  For example, I have a blog post that says Why I Will Never Share Your Blog To Social Media and people come to that post in droves because they want to know why I won’t!

That’s Enough, Your Turn

Don’t give up on social media. This is basically the whole story of how I took a young site and got it noticed by a top social media blog by using these social media strategies. What do you think? What are you doing to interact more with people and bring more people to your site through social platforms?

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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