Why I Won’t Share Your Blog Posts To Social Media Sites

Social Media Sharing

Social mediatraffic is all the hype these days. What with the various Google-related animals lurking around, it seems as though this is the only way to get stable traffic these days on your blog. Millions of people are roaming social sites every day, and we need to social mediacapitalize on this traffic.

But I’m not sharing your blog to social media sites…

Why? It’s not because your blog isn’t written great or doesn’t have a reason for me not to come back, and it’s not because it doesn’t have potential, but it’s because of this…

Why I Won’t Share Your Blog Posts

The reason I won’t share your posts is because of these reasons:

There is no social media buttons on it for me to share it!

In order for you to join the rest of us in the 21st century, you need to have some sharing icons on your blog. Allow your visitor to be able to see your social sharing icons…have them directly beside the post or at the bottom of the screen. Make them visible! If I can’t see them, I’m not going to share it!

I feel that I share people’s posts regularly. However, the reason that I am blogging about this is because recently, there have been internet marketing sites that I have visited that didn’t have ANY share buttons anywhere! How’s that for being a good internet marketer, huh?

How can we share your posts, or how can you expect to even be a part of social media sites and become indexed in bookmarks if you don’t even have any icons? Get some free social media icons right now…Please!

Your content sucks!

It is a common practice of blog readers to only skim the top part of a post. Don’t believe me? Search out the stats! It’s true. You must be able to keep the readers attention at all times. The more they read, the more chances you will have that they share the post to their friends.

It’s all about great content for me. When I go to someone’s blog, I want to be given information about a topic. If the content is written bad, or just not appealing to me, then I’m not going to share your post.

You’ve got to start thinking about the bigger picture here. Every post you write has the potential of going viral online! Never thought about that before? Well, it’s true. You have the potential of getting seen all over the internet, however, you have to make sure that your content is well enough to be able to fall into that category of being shared on. Corbett Barr from ThinkTraffic.Net writes a pretty good post that deals with viral social media traffic and what you can do to prepare for it. Also, you can read my post on How To Write The Perfect Post.

I just can’t say enough about content! Research your posts, link to other sites in your post too. I had one guy ask me this. He said, “Wade, I don’t want people leaving my site!”  To me, I want my reader to get the best information that I can give them in my post.  I surely don’t know everything about internet marketing yet, and if I can give my readers a link that will point them in the right direction, a link that will explain something I am referring to, then I have done my job! There is always the “right-click” function on the mouse where they can open the link in a new tab. Let your reader make that decision for themselves.

You don’t ask for the share

social mediaNow, I’m not trying to contradict myself, but I have been on sites where the content was pure crap. I mean, I could see that they were trying, but it just wasn’t up to par…BUT….somewhere in the post, they asked me to share it for them. I guess everyone is different, but when I see people that actually ask for the share, I’ll share it.

Ask for it! Oh, by the way, would you mind sharing this post??

You Don’t Share My Posts

I have friends like Julie Provost and Galen Morgigno that are faithful to share my stuff…there are others, but these are the one’s that are the most faithful!

When I see other people sharing my posts, retweeting my tweets, and so forth, I don’t mind to return the favor. This is where the importance of social networking with other bloggers in your niche comes in handy. Finding people that you can share posts and updates with is a necessity to get posts shared. If you’re not sharing mine, then I’m not sharing your’s.

Boosting Your Social Media Traffic

Get your sharing down pat. Do these steps, get your content straight, and you will start seeing a lot more shares online.

On another point, getting more people to your site so you can get more shares is very simple, really. I have discovered how to get thousands of social media visits to my blog every day! You can find out here with my free ebook called Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight! With this free ebook, you can literally see improvements on the traffic to your site overnight…literally! These are the steps I do every day to get this traffic, and you can too!

In Conclusion

More social media sharing is what you want! Get into the game and stay connected always!

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    You’ve shared some powerful reasons Wade. This is for sure that If you don’t have social sharing buttons and your contest sucks than I’ll never share it.

    I do have social sharing buttons, I do have quality content, I do ask my readers to share my post and I also share others post. So is there more chances of being shared for my posts?
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