Best Ways to Use Social Networks in Marketing

Millions of companies around the world choose social media as one of the best market resources to reach millions of people in developing business horizons. This is considered as an effective means to reach out to the masses as the cost involved is pretty less when compared to other mediums. Here are a few ways to utilize social networks to your advantage in market:

Business Plan – Executive Overview

Summarize your business intention and why you need social Media Marketingsocial networks

Mission and History

Target Audience

Revenue Model

Your Current Marketing plans

Products & Services – Description

Social Media Goals – Be specific

Reaching and attaining a goal is impossible without specifics. Defining actionable and specific social media marketing goals needs a little time and effort.

Following the below ones would surely help you:

  • Using social media, you can endorse a new product or service
  • Whenever a new product is launched, develop awareness and have people talk about it.
  • If you wanted target traffic to your site, converse with users socially, every now and then.
  • Customer or client service through social media would bring the desired market share.
  • Registrations to branded events can be generated through social media. Generate registrations to branded events through social.

Bifurcation helps

Reach your audience as they want to be reached. Divide your audience on basis of location, income, age and approach them differently.

Social Tools – Use rightly

Wise and appropriate choice of social tools is another criteria for online communication. The following may help you with this:

Facebook: Community building with customers is possible here as 987 million people use it and majority of them are aged between 18 and 26.

Twitter: Conversing in real time is possible here with 568 million users, aged between 27 and 35 – 54% female users

Google Plus+: Driving visibility around a brand can be developed here with 177 million users aged between 27 and 35 – 60% female users

LinkedIn: Business to Business optioned can be cashed in here with 155 million users aged between 27 and 35 from the business world – 59% male users

Pinterest: Stories and photos can be shared here with 12.5 million users between the ages 26 and 44 – 69% female users.

Delivery of content – Planning before executing

The most challenging part in social media marketing is to find, create and deliver an engaging social media content. This is very scary and the results would frighten you if you do not plan accordingly.

What you need to define:

  1. Your frequency of content delivery & response to social engagement.
  2. Your types and specific topics for content creation.
  3. Increased audience engagement methods
  4. Social driving events.
  5. The number of fans, tweets, followers, volume of traffic etc. should show your success


Advertising your brand online, audience growth and customer engagement can be through social media marketing. Planning and serious commitment are ingredients to gain success here. Apart from this, it is vital to understand why and how, social media marketing would help your business and ways to reach your goals.

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Maria jones

I’m Maria Jones, a tech writer from USA who is into Finance and Online Marketing.



  1. Heru Prasetyono says:

    What a detailed information it is! Now it is clear that we can not ignore the role of social media to advertise and attract people to our products. Using social tools is a must. We may choose the one which is suitable or we may make use some of them. Planning and commitment to reach our goals is of importance to do. Thank you for sharing this valuable lesson.

  2. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    Thanks for giving an overall view of the entire social media marketing and it’s uses. It truly helps to improve our client no and productivity.

  3. Social Media Is Useless for Business-to-Business Companies. Business sales require relationships with high-level executives, who choose their providers based referrals and reputation. They don’t make their decisions based on what you say on Facebook or Twitter. Many of them aren’t even active participants there.

  4. You’ve literally spelt every detail about social media and how to use each network. In depth detail is in your post and i hope you’re i great social media power user yourself

  5. Sarah Park says:

    Social media indeed plays a very important role in marketing. Your post surely define well how we can maximize social media to our benefit.

  6. Mohd Aktar says:

    hi friend,
    very nice article my dear friend,really social networking is the best source by which we can attract the traffic towards over blog.really any new product,new idea is being used in social market and we see a lot traffic attract towards us.
    thanks friend keep it up

  7. Mohd Aktar says:

    hi friend,
    very nice article my dear friend,really social networking is the best source by which we can attract the traffic towards over blog.really any new product,new idea is being used in social market and we see a lot traffic attract towards us.
    thanks friend ,your idea is very good

  8. sanchit says:

    A good blog is here to social media in marketing . a good ration is also given here.
    i just want to say that text on social media must be simple and attractive and good pictures must be share to the product related persons.
    and create the need among the persons.

  9. Ross Quintana ( says:

    Great Post Maria, I think you hit the nail on the Planning. Most people just freewheel it and post whatever they are thinking at the time and don’t consider the audience or platform in their planning. Nice job!

  10. Hey,
    Excellent post. I think that if we keep make real friends and build relationship with friends then we can get a lot of exposure in social media marketing.
    You have explained a nice method as well :)

  11. Social Media Marketing and branding are linked to one another. I like all the points that were covered by you. In other words, Social Media Networks give us free promotional opportunities.

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    Very useful and helpful post. I am glad to read your article great written and easy to learn.
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