Starting A Blog – Big No No’s – Do It Right!

Blog mistakesThere are a number of mistakes that first time bloggers seem to make.  I know it can be exciting and many people are just eager to get in the blogging realm.  Eventually, they will get frustrated or just lose the motivation they once had.  I have seen this so many times.  In this article I am going to talk about some of the mistakes that beginner bloggers make.

Starting A Blog Mistakes

Make Money Online – No Work.  If you really think that you can start a blog get thousands of people to subscribe, drive a Ferrari, take a vacation every single week and buy anything you want; this really isn’t practical.    I have seen the million Clickbank products that promise you six figure income for $14.95.  Think about it, who’s going to be all that mad about spending 15 dollars and not becoming an overnight millionaire.   Learn the basics from a reputable source like or

Professionalism Goes A Long Way.  Your blog needs to be professional and this is going to require that you purchase a theme  like Thesis, Genesis, or one of the many from WooThemes.  There are ton of themes you can choose from all around the Internet.  Here is a good resource I found on professional themes. Make sure you take the time to customize it.  Also, get feedback from people on forums, friends and family, ect.  I have done this a ton of times and a lot of the times I found errors that I wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t have people run through my website/blog.  If you have no friends or are a loner use

Do not make the mistake of using the free crappy ones that WordPress provides you with.  They are generic and look like they were created in 2005 (they probably were).  They don’t really come with a lot of customization and generally people’s first reaction is “wow this looks retarded”, and then they bounce off your blog.

Blog WebhostingBad Web Hosting.  Make sure you choose a good web hosting provider that supports cPanel and doesn’t charge extra for it.  A lot of web hosting companies you will have to pay extra or have some type of hidden fee in order to install the WordPress blogging platform.  Not to mention some hosting companies get very bad reviews, based on server speed, in-house control panel’s, and lacking customer service.  You need to have hosting that is reliable and will support WordPress; it’s that simple.  You don’t need VPS or dedicated; go with shared in the beginning.

Actively Engaging Readers. You need to make sure you have content that invokes thoughts in people’s minds.  A good way to do this is start a debate (play devils advocate), or write something very controversial.  This not only attracts people to your blog but also acts as a form of linkbait which will help your SEO rankings and increase your following.  This could also be said about engaging people on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, ect.  One thing I have noticed from’s blog is that the people that actually leave an intelligent thought provoking comment gain more creditability, have a bigger network, and get voted to the top.   

Car Saleman - I want to beat him!Don’t Come Off As A Salesman.  I hate when people try to sell me something left and right.  Kind of like a car salesman; some of them I would just like to punch in the face or lock them in the trunk of the car they are trying to sell me.  Simply put, don’t go overboard with the ads, Adsense, emails every hour, useless Twitter updates every second, ect.  Once thing that works wonders is don’t even have ads or anything until you have a 200 or so unique visitors a day.  People are more apt to stay tuned in to your blog when you aren’t just a annoying blog salesman.

Blog About What You Like

All and all, just start off slow; learn the basics and actively learn before you start blogging.  Blog about something you’re are passionate about.  I remember four years ago I started a blog on fad dieting (you know the over-saturated) weight loss niche.  Turns out after about 2-3 months I was like who cares these fad diets don’t interest me and it’s like pulling teeth writing about stuff I don’t care about.   Maybe your intentions aren’t to make money but just want to write about interesting stuff (like cool lizards).  Hey they are cool I have 4 of them and they are fascinating.  But in all honesty what mistakes do you see people make when starting a blog?

This post was written by This site will show you how to start a blog in 4 easy steps. Not to mention the owner of the site is a pretty cool guy.

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  1. Twitter:
    I laughed when you talked about paying money into a scam & hoping to make millions! I have actually done this before!

    I think we all make mistakes on the road to success, but hopefully these pointers will prevent someone from making any huge ones. Good post!
    Wade Harman recently posted..Your Blog is Too FatMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hey Garen,
    Looks like a majority of people starting IM or blogging always don’t think. They are blinded by misconceptions. It’s stupid to think that a $15 ebook will make one a millionaire overnight. Many beginners who drop do so because of failure and disappointment at this level.

    It’s quite possible to make those millions but with hard work, consistency and time.
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    i like this awesome post about starting a blog, i am new visitor of your blog, and this is my very first comment.
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    Another killer article Wade! Garen answered a lot of questions I come across from visitors to my blog. It’s nice to read someone else’s perspective that makes sense.

    posted by Galen Morgigno
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  5. Incredible advice. I’m new to the blogging world. Trying to soak up all the info I can. Thanks again!

  6. Hire bad web hosting is one of the big mistake in blogging. I have experienced it and make my traffic dop significantly.
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