Why You Don’t Succeed In Blogging

I know that this is kind of cliche, and this is a conversation, “succeed in blogging”, that I seem to have with people every day.  For some reason I guess I have a face that says, “Talk to me”.  I need to change my gravatar photo I guess.

Now, it’s not that I mind when people come to me telling me their problems with blogging, that is what I’m here for.  However, I am getting so good at this conversation, because it has happened so many times this month, that I feel like it’s starting to be rehearsed.

All of the questions are the same.  All of the problems are the same.  And it seems that all of the answers are the same too.

So when my oldest son, Eli, attempted to flush my iPhone down the toilet to be with his pet fish, I realized that problems are everyone’s problem.  At least in blogging, there are remedies to what you may be doing wrong to be successful.

Stop Being Down on Yourself, You Can’t Succeed In Blogging Like That!

Are you inadvertently sabotaging yourself to end in failure? I know that it’s pretty easy to get down on yourself while blogging.

Congratulations. You just picked on of the hardest things to make money with. However, on that note, you also picked one of the most lucrative things to make money with as well.

I am noticing that people that start a new blog usually set themselves up for failure when they are expecting large results in income the first few months.

There are lots of variables to making money

The number one thing is that you don’t see a money making blog have a founder that is negative. Keep a positive insight and outlook on your blog. It takes time to set up and get recognized. You’re not going to do it fast. Get those negative thoughts out of your head. Just because your blog isn’t making any money, doesn’t mean that you should quit blogging.

Your search engine optimization may be wrong.

You could possibly be doing something wrong through social networks.

But this doesn’t mean that you’re a bad blogger.

Breaking It Down Step By Step

Let’s just see why you aren’t successful. Nine times out of ten, it just means that your blog isn’t old enough to get noticed to have a high ranking on Google or some other search engine, therefore with-holding any traffic that could potentially make you rich, however, if your blog does have some age on it, and is indexed, then let’s look at some things that you may need to fix.

Overall SEO

I don’t claim to be a search engine optimization genius. Thankfully I have friends in the blogging industry who really know what they are talking about and I usually can catch a thing or two from what they are saying. I have listed some references for you to check out after you read this post about SEO. These are not listed in any type of order, however, they should prove to help you in your ranking efforts.

  1. 55 Quick SEO Tips
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  3. SEO Moz
  4. SEO Practices That Can Improve Your Blog
  5. Startup SEO

SEO is a very important part of your blog and you must use it wisely.  Too much, and your reader will never come back.  Too little, and Google will forget you.

What about Social Networking?

All of the raving going on here on these social media sites is pretty crazy.  I literally have to sword-fight my wife in order to get her off Facebook. Apparently, a lot of people are on these things so they must be an important part of traffic to your website right?


The essence of becoming part of a social media platform is necessary in order to succeed in blogging. It’s pretty straight forward and easy. You become a part of a social media site and start posting. However, some people can actually do this wrong, if you can believe that or not!

Most people that I talk to see social platforms as a sounding board for their blog posts and affiliate links. This is simply another way to set yourself up to fail really quickly.

People want to see you interacting with them. They want to see you sharing something totally off the wall from your blog. It doesn’t always have to be about “making money” all the time. Be social, because that’s what it’s for! When you can let people see that you are doing these things and are staying consistent with them, the next time it comes around for you to promote a new blog post, you will probably be surprised at the result you get.

A blogger cannot do this by themselves

I know it’s very romantic and catchy to brag to people about what you have done. Don’t be a loner when it comes to blogging. So your blog is new. Don’t go and post every day and keep yourself busy with that. Sure content is important, but when you are just starting out, you need to visit other blogs that are related to your own.

Becoming social outside of social media sites is really the key to the whole thing. Make relationships with other bloggers, you will more than likely get a guest posting gig out of it or at least a link!

Forget Google.

Meet people. Become active in your niche. Reach out to others as if you already knew them. Chances are they are pretty friendly and already know the rules of engagement with you. When you join a blogging community, you are on the right step to open your blog to becoming more successful right away!

Read “Why You Should Join This Blogging Community”

The Rules To Succeed In Blogging

As in everything there are certain rules that will seem to hold you back at first. Most of these you can’t help because your blog is either too new, or it’s just not being noticed socially.

When you blog, blog as if your life depended on it

My English teacher said that. It wasn’t about blogging, but it was about writing in general. Don’t get lost in all of the ways that you can succeed in blogging through making money.

Your reader is the most important thing. When you put the reader first, you allow keyword stuffing, over optimizing, and too many affiliate links to be put on the back burner. It really doesn’t become that important to you.

Research and relate. The integrity of your blog will grow as you create content that can help your readers. Give them links to help them. If I can’t help someone in a certain subtopic of what I’m trying to explain, I will definitely link out to give the most out of the blog, as listed above. Don’t be shy about directing them to a reputable site that can help them. More than likely, they will remember and come back.

To me, there is only one rule. The writing. Everything else come second to it. When you bring value to the table, as my friend Galen Morgigno says, you make the reader the king and the content their queen.

In Conclusion

In order to succeed in blogging it really takes a lot of patience and consistency. If you’re doing it well, then it will pay off in the end. One of my long time friends, John Chow told me one day that it took him over a year before he really started making money with his blog. So hang in there, meet people, and bring value always!

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  1. I’ve seen other people say that it takes about a year to start getting good traffic on your blog also. That’s quite encouraging because the first little bit when your numbers are really low can be quite discouraging.
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  2. Good article. I often wondered why I didn’t succeed until I realized that it takes time, work and passion for the topics I blog about. I like the motivating way you write about this and it’s great that you may keep some blogs from being given up upon trough posts like this because that is one of the goals of my blogging related site too.
    Saskia recently posted..Why I think text posts will stay important in the blogging spaceMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    I had some bad experiences too when I started blogging a few years ago. I got less traffic. I frustrated and tried to make another blog with other keyword but there were not many changes. I still got a little traffic. Until finally I find this blog and I am very exciting to follow the tips and tricks given through this blog. And of course I get some real numbers of visitors which keep on increasing. Thank you very much Wade.
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