The Real Secret on How To Increase Blog Traffic

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In almost two years of blogging, I have finally came to realize the secret of how to increase blog traffic.  I know there’s a lot of tips and tutorials about this that usually lead to spending an arm and a leg on something that probably won’t do you any good in the first place. However [...]

The “WOW” Factor: Psychological Success in Social Media


As it stands right now, you’re wanting more social media traffic.  And by now, you’ve probably exhausted every means necessary to get that traffic.  Maybe you’ve had some good luck, and maybe you haven’t.  The fact of the matter is, you should definitely be trying something different. Why My Social Media Traffic Results Are Different [...]

The Top 5 Most Influential Bloggers in My Career

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It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Recently, I have been making more and more friends and getting my blog out there, and I have you to thank for it!  I’m coming up on my one year anniversary to my first blog post and I wanted to do a “most influential” post to commemorate [...]

The Real Truth About Social Media Marketing Updates

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Ok so I’ve had a lot of people talking to me about social media marketing here lately and different people have gotten me excited about sharing with you some of the marketing techniques that I use in my updates to drive a lot of social media traffic to this blog. One person in particular was [...]

From Coal Miner To Top Social Media Blogger|How I Became Successful

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After many discussions about what I used to do for a living, some people have finally talked me into writing a sort of history/tutorial about how I brought this blog that you’re reading into the limelight in just under 9 months. Now I don’t want to ruin the whole story for you, but basically this [...]

The ONE Thing That Will Make You a Blog Rockstar

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What is NOT Going to Make You a Blog Rockstar Most bloggers have it all wrong and don’t even know it. It is not your awesome content that is going to make you a blogging rock star. And it sure is not your SEO expertise. It’s not how many Twitter followers you have or Facebook [...]

The Top Five Bloggers To Watch of 2013

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I’ve been reading a lot of posts about different Top Ten Bloggers in the industry. Having been a nominee myself of Social Media Examiner’s Top Ten Social Media Blogs of 2013, I can kind of relate to the hype that these types of posts brings. However, there is only one problem that I’m seeing with [...]

The Psychology Behind Traffic From Social Media Sites

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Social Media sites play a huge role in keeping the breath to our blogs.  Whether you like to hear it or not, psychology does play a big part in bringing traffic from these sites.  Some people prefer to call it strategy, but the end result is the same.  Manipulating people with word play, to direct [...]