Should You Use More Than One Call To Action In Your Google Plus Update?

call to action on Google Plus - Copy

Google Plus gives us so many options that far exceed Facebook and Twitter. We have the opportunity to reach out to someone and actually be ourselves on this platform without having to worry too much about whether or not the person we’re talking to is real or not. Google Plus has done their dead level [...]

Building A Call To Action in Your Google Plus Update

call to action google plus

If you’re not thinking about your social posting strategy for your site after you publish an article to social media then you’re really hurting your online business. Google Plus is slowly but surely moving to the forefront of social marketing and I think that it’s time to really develop our posting strategy to adhere to [...]

Promoting A Call To Action For Social Media Sharing On Your Blog

call to action on social media button

Do You Sometimes Feel Overwhelmed With Sharing Promotions On Other Blogs? You always see share this, sign up here, do this, do that, and don’t forget to follow us too. It’s enough to drive you crazy, isn’t it? But the reason this is everywhere is because it’s important in my personal judgement. I’ll never ever [...]