The Perfect Substitution For The Hello Bar

hello bar

You want to capture every lead or sale that you can when you go to write your blog post.  There are many different things that you can purchase that can lead to great results in that arena and the Hello Bar is a good part of that marketing strategy.  But I don’t recommend it. Never [...]

Email Marketing Tips For Beginner’s-Part 1

email marketing

I need help with my email marketing.  I thought it would be a good idea to get some help from one of the premier email marketers online.  His name is Gabe Johansson, and he is walking me through the steps of selling to my list.  I wanted to do it this way so I could [...]

Tips for Email Marketers to Avoid Being Tagged as Spam

email marketer

One of the greatest objections that your marketing efforts come across is assuring that your messages which hold a good motive, reach your target’s inbox and not land up in the dreaded spam folder or get tagged as spam. So while providers of email services are stepping up their game by remodeling their spam filters [...]

The Contest-Win A Solo Email Ad!


———————————This Contest Is Closed—————————————- Well, many times is the case when you just can’t think of the perfect post to writeevery time, and I, for one, am not the best blogger out there. I too am human, and sometimes I draw a blank on what to write to help my readers! Anyway, I thought since [...]