Who Is In Your Google Plus Circles and The Power of Potential

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There’s an old saying that says You are what you eat.  Then there’s another one that I can’t fully remember, but it goes along the lines of this: Want to find out about a person?  Look who their friends are! This is so true.  Who you run with determines what other people think about you.  What you [...]

The Anatomy of an Effective Google Plus Image

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You’ve just written this awesome article on your blog and you set out to promote it to your followers on Google Plus.  It’s important to understand the keys to promotion on this platform because it can mean the difference between a ton of traffic and people passing you by. Most people would tell you that [...]

The Power of The Plus- The Universal Language of Google Plus

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It’s no secret that many people are getting wind of the power of Google Plus. There have been many marketers, like me, that devote all of their time to this social platform, and with great success. There is one language that is universal on Google Plus and that is the “+1″ button. One simple plus [...]

The One Step Further Strategy on Google Plus

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This day and age that we’re living in we can get a hot meal in minutes, send a text message across the country and have it arrive in seconds, we have technology at our fingertips that allow us to skip the waiting.  This is also hurting our strategy and our ideals on Google Plus too. [...]

Google Plus Camouflage and How To Get Rid Of It

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In some cases, camouflage is a good thing.  It helps some of our troops from being seen from the enemy, it enables people to be able to sneak up on an unsuspecting person because the nature of camouflage is to blend in to your surroundings and to keep your visibility low in certain situations. Google [...]

Google Plus Etiquette For Success

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Google Plus is a social platform that has changed the way marketing is done on social media. In any social media site, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to be accepted socially by other people. Yes, some social psychology is needed in order to attain the trust and attention of [...]

Relationship Marketing and How To Make It Strong on Google Plus

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Before you can market the product, the affiliate link; before you can even market your articles successfully on Google Plus, you have to be able to market yourself.  This is the key to success on this platform.  Relationship building has never been more of a true statement than it is now on G+. When you [...]

Google Plus Management & Marketing Video

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I wanted to share with those of you that missed my previous Google Hangout on Air with Ryan Hanley where we talked about the Google Plus platform.  I was very excited to share this video with you because it really tells you how you can market your blog through Google Plus. Believe it or not, [...]