Building A Call To Action in Your Google Plus Update

call to action google plus

If you’re not thinking about your social posting strategy for your site after you publish an article to social media then you’re really hurting your online business. Google Plus is slowly but surely moving to the forefront of social marketing and I think that it’s time to really develop our posting strategy to adhere to [...]

How To Bridge Google Plus to Pinterest for Better Marketing

google plus and pinterest

Have you ever noticed a connection between Google Plus and Pinterest any? The longer I stay on Google Plus, the more I realize the potential that it has with the Pinterest platform. As you know, images are very important in any social media platform. You also know that Pinterest marketing is something that you shouldn’t [...]

The Most Important Aspects of a Google Plus Marketing Strategy

google plus marketing strategy

There are many people that have an understanding of their Google Plus marketing strategy.  Granted, most of these people, like Mark Traphagen have been on the Google Plus platform since three days after the launch of the social media site, so they sort of realize what it’s all about. But having any social marketing strategy [...]

I Love Google Plus! (Part 2) The Women to Follow on Google Plus!


Happy Anniversary to Wade and his wife for Five years of being Married! So while he is off at the beach he asked me to write up a guest post for him. Last week he did a post on Men you should follow on Google Plus. I decided on doing one on the Women you [...]

Google Plus Comments Plugin for WordPress

google plus comments plugin

If you haven’t heard yet, then you may be surprised that Google Plus Comments plugin is now a real thing for self-hosted WordPress users. As you have probably already seen last week that Google announced that Google Plus Comments were coming to Blogger, Google’s free blog platform. Immediately plugin creators were scrambling to get their [...]

5 Steps To A Social Media Marketing Plan on Google Plus

social media marketing plan

Everyone needs to have a social media marketing plan.  I know it’s easy to get into the hype and excitement of starting something new, however having some sort of plan in motion never hurts anything. Here are 5 things that you can do to start and improve your social media marketing plan on one of [...]

The Importance of Social Media

social media

Back in 2009 I was busy taking photos and posting on Flickr. I decided to start a Twitter account for my photography. I came up with a great name and started following other photographers.   Most of them followed me back.  Every time I posted a photo to Flickr I would send the link over [...]