The 80/20 Rule of Social Media Marketing

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The mysterious key to step up your game is hidden in the 80/20 rule…   Someone once defined a breakthrough as ‘the sudden cessation of stupidity.’ Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a breakthrough on Saturday.   Do you find yourself spending hours upon hours on social media? Do you look at your stats at the [...]

From Coal Miner To Top Social Media Blogger|How I Became Successful

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After many discussions about what I used to do for a living, some people have finally talked me into writing a sort of history/tutorial about how I brought this blog that you’re reading into the limelight in just under 9 months. Now I don’t want to ruin the whole story for you, but basically this [...]

5 Basic Web Designing Tips to Speed Up a Blog

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The speed of your blog is critical to your blog’s success, and here are some tips to speed up a blog. No visitor of yours is going to wait for 5 minutes when your blog loads. In today’s world everything is changing and speeding up. And you and your blog should speed up as well. [...]

How To Make Money With A Blog


The term how to make money with a blog is so cliche. You can read countless blog posts on the subject, and it is really quite disappointing, when you finish reading these posts, and you find out that you just wasted ten minutes of your life on a blog that was no help. Hopefully, you [...]

Dismantling the Social Media Giants-Operation Facebook


This post is the beginning of a social media blogging series that I am doing. I want to cover all the popular social media sites, help you learn some tricks with them, and basically get your “page” better. On the other side of the internet marketing coin is a person who is searching for your [...]

I Think I’ll Call It “Success In Blogging”


The Blogging Inspiration I was recently talking to a friend of mine, Ian Eberle at OmegaWeb.Comand we were talking about success in blogging the other day and it inspired me to write this post. When you are a beginner, there are just so many things that you really have to do to get your blog [...]

Become A Published Blogger On Kindle


Getting More Blogging Visibility Amazon is a tremendous platform and website that has many tools for bloggers to use and to promote on their site. Among a lot of these different factions is the “Mechanical Turk”,”Amazon Wish List”, and, of course “Kindle”. Now those are just a few of the things that you can do [...]

Twitter Tools For More Traffic-Tweet Adder Review


Have You Ever Used Twitter Tools? If you have a blog or a regular website, then you may already know about the long list of Twitter toolsthat are available to you to use. If you don’t, and have never even thought about using Twitter tools for traffic, and if you have never really thought about [...]