4 Content Marketing Sites That Every Blogger Should Use


In today’s blogging world, you cannot achieve success alone. You need friends, readers, supporters and most importantly, content marketing strategies that you need to use, period. Content marketing isn’t only about sharing your articles on social media sites and commenting on other blogs. You need to do more to let people know about your articles. [...]

Blog Tips-Building A Community With Comments


There are many blog tips that you can find online. This blog is loaded with some blog tips that can really help, just browse through my list of posts to see which one will benefit you. One I recommend is writing great blog content that can help you. One thing I want to focus on [...]

Link Building Tips For Tumblr


Link Building At It’s Finest We all know what it means to do link building on our sites. There are many ways to build links, and we all know about these ways: Commenting-Link building through commenting on blogs or other sites can help you to promote your site in many ways.  The first way is [...]

It’s All About The Forums!


Forum Posting In General There is a lot to be said about posting on forums. Some say that forum posting can get hairy and full of spam and if your URL is caught by Google on these forum sites that have spam on them, then you will be grounded and won’t be able to play [...]

Where Is Your Traffic?


Traffic For The Masses I have been thinking of a website’s traffic generation and leads here lately. Billions of people everyday are online searching the internet for something. Google alone gets (Dr. Evil Finger) 2 Billion searches every day! So why is your website only seeing 5-25 people daily? Hmmm, it’s enough to bang your [...]

3 Ideas To Make Money Blogging


  Making Money Blogging It is really a hassle to make money blogging when you first start. There are different things that you have to worry about before the money starts coming in, traffic being one of the main things at the top of your worry box. However, there are some sites and businesses online [...]

SEOPresser: A Must Have For WordPress Users


SEOPresser-Mandatory! SEOPressor—What’s New about This WordPress SEO Product? WordPress is decidedly one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world today. Even though it is not a free platform, the professional manner of this platform is what makes it more popular. And that is the reason why a lot of online business entrepreneurs are using [...]

Twitter Secrets Revealed


The Use of Twitter Things have went so fast since I have started blogging two years ago! I can remember when Twitter wasn’t even around, Pinterest was just a glimmer in some programmers eye, and “Facebook” was a thing done to me in high school! Heck, I’m starting to feel old! Now the days of [...]