List Building Tips To Grow Your Subscribers

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Blogging Utopia(List Building) There are many ways for list building tactics online. No one can dispute anymethods to grow an email marketing list, because there is just so many techniques that work. You just have to find the right one that works for you! You have a website, you build links, join a blog forum, [...]

Do You Still Not Have A List?

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The Importance Of List Building One of the ways that bloggers make so much money online is through list building. This is an effective way to stay in touch with your readers and subscribers too! Most people love to join your list because of the free gifts that comes with giving their email away. However, [...]

Using Catchy Titles To Attract Website Traffic


Forget About SEO Let’s pretend, just for a second, that there is no such thing as search engine optimization. That Google doesn’t have the market cornered, and that we don’t grovel at the mighty giant at every update. Let’s just say that social media is the only platform that exists as well as a way [...]

The Cure For The Bloggers Writing Block


Common Myths of Bloggers There is some fiction floating around the blogging industry and with bloggers all over the internet. One thing that I literally hate is when a blogger writes a post without ever having researched it before. They see this fabricated story on someone else’s blog who probably seen it on someone else’s [...]

The Blog In You


Need Help? There are many self help ebooks that promote internet marketing to its fullest. These books are of high value and really tend to help people that read through them. The only problem with these books is that they are high priced, in the ranges of up to $99! The Blog In You Ebook [...]

Twitter Secrets Revealed


The Use of Twitter Things have went so fast since I have started blogging two years ago! I can remember when Twitter wasn’t even around, Pinterest was just a glimmer in some programmers eye, and “Facebook” was a thing done to me in high school! Heck, I’m starting to feel old! Now the days of [...]

3 Things You Should Forget to Make Money Blogging


Ways to Make Money Blogging If you are like me, then you have probably searched all over the internet for ways that you can make money blogging. In a sense, this is a good thing to do, however, you can be so caught up in the “money making” process that you can lose site of [...]

The Make Money Blog Idea

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New Ideas to Make Money Blogging Ok, we all want to have a great blog and make money blogging with it! There is certain issues to this idea that will probably surprise some of you. A good blogger writes for the search engines so they can get noticed right? Wrong. A great way to make [...]