Why You Should Forget Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

pinterest marketing strategy

Ok, I’ll admit, the title was simply a scam to get you here.  Your Pinterest marketing strategy is one of the most powerful social media strategies that you could ever have.  As Peg Fitzpatrick said, “Pinterest pins have the longest shelf life of all social media platforms”.  And you can’t beat that with a stick. [...]

The Power of Pinterest and What You Can Do To Harness It


With great power comes great responsibility.  I heard that once on a movie.  Then the protagonist donned a skin tight jump suit and hurled himself out of a nearby window. Power makes some people crazy, and sometimes, lack of power will drive people that way! Do you ever feel like you are powerless when it [...]

Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

pinterest marketing strategy

It’s true, you should be paying attention to your Pinterest marketing strategy.  When most people come online to “make money” Pinterest is hardly the first choice of social platforms.  It’s an easy bet that people will sign up for Facebook, G+, and Twitter, because it seems like it’s almost the norm for marketers to congregate [...]