Their Brain and Your Social Media Update

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There are many strategies out there today that could be deemed successful while others are definitely worth walking away from. The fact of the matter is, some of these strategies can change over time. People change, trends get better, the world turns. However, there is one aspect of your social marketing that always stays the [...]

Stalking Your Way To Better Social Media Posts

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Maximize Social Business had a great article by Courtney Ramirez entitled,  ”How to ‘Spy’ Your Way to Better Social Media Writing“ which got me thinking on what social listening really means in marketing. Stalking, or spying, in the usual sense seems creepy, but not when it comes to figuring out how to write and engage with [...]

How To Speak The Language of Each Social Media Platform

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I would be very confused if I went to Russia by myself.  Not from the sights, because it’s one of the most advanced countries in the world, but because I don’t speak the language.  I wouldn’t be able to go to someone and ask for directions to a certain place if I wasn’t sure where [...]

The Psychology of Images and Colors in Social Media

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In social media, we hurry to promote our posts because the sooner we can get it out to the public, the sooner we can start getting more traffic to it. In a sense, this is correct, however, a lot of people forget the importance that colors and images have on a persons psyche. Simply finding [...]

The Psychology of the Sexes in Social Media-Who Is The Bigger Target, Men or Women?


When you think about social media, do you think about it in gender? When you update to your social media accounts, do you know which gender dominates which social media platforms? When you start looking at your target audience and then break it down even more gender specific, you start to realize that you can [...]

The Hierarchy of Needs For the Social Media User

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How many needs can you satisfy yourself? How many of your needs can be met without the support and help of others? Social media proves that people need to be needed, to be loved, to be paid attention to. It’s not just about marketing all the time, it’s about attention and the need or want [...]

How Colors Bring Out Emotions Psychologically in Social Media

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If you’ve been one of the people that have been reading up on my ebook about social media psychology, then you can understand why I’ve been on this kick for a while now. Building social traffic is a great thing. But, as you will see in the image to the right, there is a fine [...]

Cognitive Recognition in Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is literally the driving force in most bloggers strategy.  Let me paint a picture for you.  You’re probably posting to social media every day, using your blog links as bait to lure the reader to your site in some form or fashion.  For some reason it’s not working…and I may know why. [...]