The Real Secret on How To Increase Blog Traffic

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In almost two years of blogging, I have finally came to realize the secret of how to increase blog traffic.  I know there’s a lot of tips and tutorials about this that usually lead to spending an arm and a leg on something that probably won’t do you any good in the first place. However [...]

Why You May Want To Save That Guest Post For Your Own Site

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It’s no secret that guest posting can be a great way to make yourself visible.  Over the year and a half that I’ve been doing this, there have been countless numbers of guest posts done by me on other sites.  Even now, I still make an exception for some friends of mine and post something [...]

How To Get Backlinks-Easy Two Step Process

how to get backlinks

Above my better judgement, I will show you how to get backlinks to your site effectively.  Just because I don’t actively build backlinks doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to do it. Before I realized that content was king, I dominated the first page results for a very high competitive keyword called “Make Money [...]

7 Web Design Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

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Blogs live and die by attention, and so does their web design. If nobody’s reading, you’re just writing for your own amusement; while that’s a worthwhile habit, it doesn’t help you influence others or make money doing what you love. But how do you start getting — and keeping — the attention you need? The [...]

Storytelling for SEO

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This is a post I ran across on one of my tribes in Triberr and I thought I would show you the importance of how storytelling affects SEO.  Read this post and then see my further comments below. What makes this photo special? The resolution is low, the background is unpleasing, there is nothing special [...]

3 Reasons Social Marketing is Better Than SEO

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There are two sides of the blogging camp. Those that promote social marketing and those that stand by search engine optimization tactics. Which camp are you in? When you really think about it, what do you do to ensure that your post gets the most visibility possible? Do you rely on social marketing efforts, SEO, [...]

5 Basic Web Designing Tips to Speed Up a Blog

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The speed of your blog is critical to your blog’s success, and here are some tips to speed up a blog. No visitor of yours is going to wait for 5 minutes when your blog loads. In today’s world everything is changing and speeding up. And you and your blog should speed up as well. [...]

Blog Commenting: Get Your Blog Noticed

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You are a new blogger and nobody is visiting your blog. You just don’t know why. You write some amazing articles that people would really benefit from. But nobody seems to want to come by. You want visitors. You need visitors. How is the fastest way to get people to visit? Comment. Commenting on other [...]