My Other Love-A Squidoo


Well, I have to finally admit that I have a problem with Squidoo. I’m in love with this site and I can’t stop. I can hear my wife yelling at me somewhere in the background, telling me it’s time to go to bed, but for some reason I can’t stop! I am a normal, every [...]

Web 2.0 Tools To Benefit Your Blog

web 2.0

I wanted to talk about web 2.0 tools that you can use to help benefit your blog. In the world of blogging, it seems like all a new blogger gets done is writing. You talk about everything that you feel is the best fit for your blog in the hopes that someone will get some [...]

Link Building Tips For Tumblr


Link Building At It’s Finest We all know what it means to do link building on our sites. There are many ways to build links, and we all know about these ways: Commenting-Link building through commenting on blogs or other sites can help you to promote your site in many ways.  The first way is [...]