The Confessions of a Twitter Addict


Twitter is my all time favorite platform. If you’re not capitalizing on all of the traffic that you can be getting from Twitter then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to say the least. Twitter has been my best traffic driving platform ever since the start of my blogging experience over 17 months [...]

Increase Content Visibility with Twitter Cards

twitter cards

Twitter is becoming an increasingly important channel for content marketers. What started out as a popular micro-blogging platform has transformed into a legitimate source of traffic, leads, and sales. Of course, as with any marketing channel, there are tips and techniques we can use to maximize our exposure and results. You are probably familiar with [...]

The Psychology of a Twitter Marketing Strategy

twitter marketing strategy

If you’ve been reading the news, then you may wonder if having a Twitter marketing strategy is even worth it anymore! Google Plus seems to be passing all the platforms and is ever steadily creeping up on Facebook with the idea to knock them off of their King of the Hill position as social media [...]

The 7 Step Daily Twitter Marketing Plan

twitter marketing

If you’re looking to generate traffic, connect with like-minded people, and grow your business effectively then Twitter is where you should be. Truthfully, you should be on each social network but if you had to pick one at first, I’d recommend to start with this 7 step Twitter marketing plan. 1. Check And Reply To [...]

How To Get More Social Media Shares To Your Content

social media sharing

Building a social media following is sometimes not all that easy.  There are countless hours that you have to set aside to really get the most benefit out of it. Writing great content is a big piece of the puzzle, but you have to be able to get people’s attention in order to allow them [...]

The Top Five Bloggers To Watch of 2013

top blogger

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about different Top Ten Bloggers in the industry. Having been a nominee myself of Social Media Examiner’s Top Ten Social Media Blogs of 2013, I can kind of relate to the hype that these types of posts brings. However, there is only one problem that I’m seeing with [...]

The Importance of Social Media

social media

Back in 2009 I was busy taking photos and posting on Flickr. I decided to start a Twitter account for my photography. I came up with a great name and started following other photographers.   Most of them followed me back.  Every time I posted a photo to Flickr I would send the link over [...]

Web Apps To Supercharge Your Online Social Life – Part 4

social web apps

Most of the bloggers and online business owners out there know the importance of social media. But most don’t know how to use them effectively to reach their target audience. In my previous three posts in the series, I highlighted some of the best web apps out there to manage your social media. In this [...]