The Perfect Substitution For The Hello Bar

hello bar

You want to capture every lead or sale that you can when you go to write your blog post.  There are many different things that you can purchase that can lead to great results in that arena and the Hello Bar is a good part of that marketing strategy.  But I don’t recommend it. Never [...]

Google Plus Comments Plugin for WordPress

google plus comments plugin

If you haven’t heard yet, then you may be surprised that Google Plus Comments plugin is now a real thing for self-hosted WordPress users. As you have probably already seen last week that Google announced that Google Plus Comments were coming to Blogger, Google’s free blog platform. Immediately plugin creators were scrambling to get their [...]

How To Make Money With Your Social Media Sharebar

social media share bar

I want to introduce something pretty amazing to your social media sharing today.  For the new blogger and the experienced one alike, you may not have ever heard of earning revenue from your social media sharebar, but today I want to show you how you can and how it has really boosted the income of [...]

The ONE Thing That Will Make You a Blog Rockstar

blog rockstar

What is NOT Going to Make You a Blog Rockstar Most bloggers have it all wrong and don’t even know it. It is not your awesome content that is going to make you a blogging rock star. And it sure is not your SEO expertise. It’s not how many Twitter followers you have or Facebook [...]

Ways to Improve Your Social Presence on Facebook


There are many ways to increase your social presence on Facebook.  Let’s face(book) it, if you not on Facebook, then your blog is probably not going to go that far or succeed that fast. Having a social media presence on Facebook and online is one of the many requirements that you must have to be [...]

Why You Should Buy CommentLuv Premium Before The End Of The Year

commentluv premium

Most everyone knows of the CommentLuv Premium plugin. It is a comment-oriented plugin that is directed at more interaction and social sharing on your blog. Truly, it is one of the best plugins that you can have for your site. It prompts people to share your posts, giving you more visibility, it enables people to [...]

Web 2.0 Tools To Benefit Your Blog

web 2.0

I wanted to talk about web 2.0 tools that you can use to help benefit your blog. In the world of blogging, it seems like all a new blogger gets done is writing. You talk about everything that you feel is the best fit for your blog in the hopes that someone will get some [...]

Top WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using


One of my top ten favorite blog post to read are those of “top wordpress plugins“. I believe that I have read almost all of the top wordpress plugins posts online! Anyway, it would be no surprise that, if you ever wrote a post like this, I will be there to read it and share. [...]