The Anatomy of an Effective Google Plus Image

You’ve just written this awesome article on your blog and you set out to promote it to your followers on Google Plus.  It’s important to understand the keys to google plus imagepromotion on this platform because it can mean the difference between a ton of traffic and people passing you by. Most people would tell you that when you post to Google Plus, and you’re going to post with a link, then you need to use the “Link” option on Google Plus. But if you’re doing it that way you’re doing it wrong!

Let me clarify. There really is no wrong way to post on Google Plus. Done in the right way, Google Plus can build your business fast! You just need to find what works for you and stay consistent with it. However, if you haven’t yet began to understand what actually works, I can show you. The reason I feel that the link option is the “wrong” way to update on Google Plus is because you’re not grabbing anyone’s attention this way.

If you will notice, the link option, when it’s posted, only shows a small image in your update with the post title to the right. While this is ok for SEO benefits, it’s not ok for all of those people that you’re trying to attract to the article.

This is what I want to discuss today. I want to share with you the anatomy of what’s included in the Google Plus image that can bring both attraction and visits to your site.

The Google Plus Call To Action

If you’ve been in the business for too long, you’ve probably already heard the term “call to action”. If not, it basically means that there’s something there that will prompt people to do what you want them to do. Whether it be on your website or in your social media update, a call to action is important for a successful marketer.

You’ve all seen those updates on Google Plus where they write call to actions in their updates, and they prompt people to visit their site, pin the image, and ask to become part of their blog notification circles. These are all effective call to action prompts that you can and should be doing on G+, but what most people can’t grasp is that the most important call to action comes in the shape and form of the image that you choose to represent your article.

The image is the very first thing that people see on Google Plus. If they don’t know you, they’re not going to expand the post to read your writing and calls to action. It’s got to be the image that brings them to take action to read! There are several aspects of the image that you need to understand that will work effectively at bringing people in to read your post.

The Anatomy of a G+ Image

Here is what has always worked for me. There is a certain aspect of visualization that you should bring to the table when posting your updates on G+. It must be entertaining, attractive, and pull people in all at the same time. It must create a question in your follower so that they will begin to understand that the only way they’re going to find out more is if they expand the post and read more. The following is a Google Hangout that I did with Ileane Smith of on Visual Voltage and the Power of Images

Focal Point
The first part in the anatomy of your image is the focal point. Every image that you create has to have an object that draws the eye to it. Maybe the image is performing some type of action. Those are usually the best one’s. In one of my last pro tips about G+, here is the update that I used to get people to expand the post. See how the focal point is showing action:


The second part of the image is actually putting the text that you want in there. This is going to be up to the image itself. Sometimes the image doesn’t require text at all. Other times, more text is needed. Usually in the case of a white background and one image alone, text is required, as in the post above. Create your text to either pronounce your article title or create a question in the followers mind about the topic you’re writing about.

Attractive and not too busy

It’s very important for the image to not be to jumbled up with a lot of different images. Too many focal points can start to confuse the reader and make them dis-interested in the post. Find your focal point and work around that image. I sometimes include the social icon of the platform that I’m writing about, some text, and that’s it. I have found that simple is effective when it comes to imagery on Google Plus.


You must understand that color is important in images. People respond to different colors and different background inside of the image itself. Every person is different and there is no one person that will share the same preferences as the other. This should be tested, however the link above can show you a general rule of thumb of what the “masses” feel in your color selection of your image.

The Final Thought

Getting people to perform action on your prompts inside of your G+ update is one thing. Actually it’s pretty easy after you’ve reeled them in. The hardest part is getting them to perform that first and most important call to action, and that’s on your image. Understanding the power of the image is essential in creating that “perfect” Google Plus update and becoming successful on this platform.

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