The Benefits of List Building

Make A “List Building” List

“He’s making a list, checking it twice…” Even Santa knows the importance of list building! You don’t have to gain 100lbs, grow a beard, and wear a red suit to assess the benefits of a list for your blog! (Even though I recommend it from time to time when you feel like throwing your computer out of the window!)  Every blogger who wants to monetize their site has a list building strategy. As I was researching this topic to better write for it, I came across a lot of sites that was all jazz and no pizazz! For instance, one blog was explaining about your client list of 150 and how you could sell 10 people every week with a list.

This is not what I am after. I want to blog about this topic so you can better understand HOW to do something from the ground floor up. I realize that if I had something like this when I first started out, I would be in a whole lot better shape today. Eventually, you will learn it, but why not sooner, rather than later?

The Ground Floor of List Building

list buildling You have a blog and you want to make money with that blog. Fair enough. Now here is what you need to do to get started with your list. First of all, let me explain what this IS actually. In laymans terms, a “list” is when you build up a clientele of emails. Have you ever seen something like this? “Download this free ebook by giving me your email!!” That guy just got you on his list. Simple and to the point. A list is generally started by giving something away for free. It entices the person to trade their emails for a certain piece of information. However, later, the blogger in question will be given permission to send you emails that allows him chances to make money with.

Getting Started

First of all you need to become a member of an auto responder business. Here is a list of few that are good:

  • Aweber-I believe they offer a promotion for newcomers where the first month is $1
  • Get Response
  • Mail Chimp
  • iContact
  • imnicaMail
  • Constant Contact

After you have got set up with one of these guys, then you have full ability and all power to make your list. There have been people that have asked me, “Should I do list building right now? My blog isn’t even a month old yet!” The answer to that question is, and always will be, “Yes!” It is never too early to start you lists!

The Most Powerful List Building Tool

As many of you know, I run off of WordPress. To me it is the best platform to use and has been kind to me. I want to recommend one of the best list building money makers on the market now for WordPress. It is called The WordPress List Magnet. This works with your current subscription of auto responders that you have and it will skyrocket your sales and your traffic! More than likely, you are here because of this plugin that I have loaded on my site. It has blasted my traffic 62% since I plugged it in!

There are few things that you should spend your money on when you first start out blogging. List building and its counter parts should be one of them! This will defintely boost your traffic and your revenue within weeks!

Make Your List & Check It Twice!

Don’t get discouraged if you are just starting out and don’t have many subscribers. My first month I didn’t have any kind of list set up. Finally, my second month, I made my list. At the end of my second month I had over 100 subscribers and daily visitors! Getting a list building strategy is one of the smartest things you can do to make money blogging!

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