The Best Google Chrome Apps For Bloggers

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I usually don’t do posts like this, but I got to thinking, what are the best Google Chrome apps that bloggers can use? I know without Chrome my life would be a whole lot harder!

So I cam up with the idea to write a post about it.

Hope this helps.

Are You Using The Best Google Chrome Apps?

What designates something to be the best anyway? I guess it means that it is something that really works well for a person. Something that totally changes the way a person does something or how it makes them successful or saves time.

First of all, Google Chrome is a web based browser. When I first started blogging online I used Internet Explorer.

Yeah, I know. Don’t laugh.

When I realized that there was a web browser out there that had extensions and apps that you could include in it, I jumped ship.

A web browser is typically the users personal interests. What they like and what they’re used to.

If you’re not using Google Chrome, I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a blogger. With this browser a lot of your blogging needs are right at your fingertips, making it easier for you to get your work done faster.

The Best Google Chrome Apps For Blogging

-SEO Quake:

One of my favorite add on’s for Chrome is SEO Quake. I like this because it can tell you a lot of things about competitive websites and blogs that are in your niche. See the below image.

best google chrome apps

If you will notice the bar under the searched item.  This is the primary function of the SEO Quake add on.  It can tell you right away the PageRank of a site, the number of indexed pages in Google, Alexa rank, how old the site is, etc.

Also, when you go into your site or another site it can show you a lot more of what they have going on there.  Once inside a particular site, you can actually click on these links and it will tell you different things like how many links they have going out of there site, how many backlinks they have coming in to the site, it’s just a whole plethora of SEO features that are at your fingertips.  This is truly one of the best Google Chrome apps out there and it is used by a lot of bloggers to help them beat out their competition.

-Screen Capture:

I wouldn’t know what I would do without this Google Chrome extension to tell you the truth.  The Screen Capture add on allows me to display more personal images on my blog where I can show my readers tutorials on how to do something or just simply post something I want to share personally. Like as the above image was used from the Screen Capture feature I have on Chrome. Simple, best google chrome appseasy, and fast. Save the image to your computer and upload it for your readers!

What Are Some of the Best Google Chrome Apps You Use?

These are just two of many that I use for blogging. There are lots of featured extensions that can fall under the best Google Chrome apps today. Just really too much to explain, however, I will provide a list of some good one’s below. Do you use Google Chrome? Is Firefox on it’s way out? What do you think?

Other Best Google Chrome Apps

YouTube Extension
Instagram Extension
7 Best Google Chrome Apps To Make You More Efficient
Some info on a pretty cool Chrome extension called TweetDeck

There are really thousands of some of the best Google Chrome apps that you can use for blogging and social networking. Some of my favorite one’s come from Chrome, like Facebook and Twitter management programs. Others are microblogging sites where I get more backlinks to this site from like Tumblr and Blogger. You just need to take a look around the Chrome web store and see what can benefit you!

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  1. What a great idea! Up to now I still use mozilla firefox to browse in the internet. As far as I know, mozilla firefox
    has given me a lot what I need as a blogger. But your description about Google Chrome has impressed me and I am
    interested to install it into my computer. It will be very useful if chrome is simple, easy and fast. I hope I can
    browse, download and upload faster and more effective than before. I appreciate it , thank you very much.

  2. SEO Quake looks REALLY cool! I personally use Firefox and a plugin called Search Status that does some of the same things, but not as nicely… That app may make me want to switch to Chrome.

    • Some people prefer Firefox and other Chrome. I am the latter user. Although Firefox is not that much different and SEOQuake isn’t different at all on either one of them, its still a great extension for both web browsers!

  3. I must say that Seo quake is one of the best Google Chrome App for bloggers. we can find out that which website has more authority in terms of PR , Back links, Age and many things.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Wade,
    Firefox has been the leader in the industry but I’m begining to feel more comfortable with Chrome espcially with Tweetdeck which seems to be the most favorite chrome extension right now. I do use screen capture too.

    Just got SEO Quake and hope it’s what people say it is.

    Thanks for providing value this weekend

  5. I have installed Chrome in my computer. It is so simple in appearance. But it is fast indeed. I am still learning to get used to it. I am exploring some applications which may be usefull for me. I hope there will be a lot of facilities which support to blog.

  6. Hi,

    In my opinion Chrome is the best platform for web designers and bloggers out there. One of the great features is the “incognito” mode….

    As far as add-ons go, I use the Alexa Traffic Rank tool and the Shareholic tool. These I find really useful.

    Nice post.


  7. Defiantly Chrome has huge list of apps for blogger and SEO Quake is the best app in all. Thanks for sharing the selective apps list.

  8. Hi, SEO Quake is really a cool extension which i uses in Mozilla Firefox and i use SEO for Chrome extension in Google Chrome. Thanks for sharing the best Google Chrome extensions list :)