The Cannon and The Golf Course: What I Learned About Being A Responsible Blogger

I grew up in the 80′s where big hair was awesome and VanHalen was king. Needless to say I never knew any of that until later. The area that I grew up in was still stuck in the 1900′s. My grandparents house DID have running water…you ran down to the creek to get it. Don’t even ask me about the bathrooms, where one had to travel a small distance from the house, or go behind a tree, depending on how bad you had to go.

I grew up where we ran barefoot, ate cornbread, and played with anything we could get our hands on. This was usually done outside because of some reason from bloggermom about “getting on her last nerve”. As you already know, the internet was still a dream (actually there was an internet but we had no idea about it), and car phones were all the fad back in those days. But I never saw one of those until much later.

No, I played a lot with my imagination. I also had a knack for building things, and, along with my buddy Ben, we ended up building lots of things that nearly got us killed. It’s amazing that I made it to 34.

One particular day we decided that we were bored so we had an idea to build a cannon just to see if we could. Back then, black powder and guns were left lying around, 900 pound televisions were sat on rinky-dink T.V. trays, and usually there were bare naked electrical wires coming out of the walls every few feet in the house. If the parent’s were scared for our lives, they never let on.

We actually managed to build the cannon out of a piece of 4″ PVC pipe that we found behind the house. For authenticity, we glued some old wagon wheels to a pivot and wheeled it out behind the house for a test run.

“You know what would work better?” Ben asked, “If we rolled it to the golf course. We would have a better field of fire there.”

About 300 yards past the woods at my folks house there was a rolling golf course where the snobs would play. It made sense, we could fire the cannon out there and not lose our manufactured “cannonball” that we had deemed safe to use. The cannonball was actually a big croquet ball that we had found while rummaging through the junk to build the cannon.

We had a coffee can full of black powder, so we decided to use all of it at once. In times past, there were instances where we never used enough at first and the consequences were rather dull.

After we had rolled the make-shift cannon out to the edge of the woods, pointed it at the golf course, we started pouring in the powder. For a wrapping, we put in an old t-shirt. After that, we started to put the croquet ball in to tamp it down the barrel, but it was so tight that we had to use a nearby log to jam it all the way down to the base of the inside.

Then we lit it.

What happened next, I’ll never know, my own personal 11 year old experience was that the whole world had blew up around us. It seemed that we had launched that croquet ball somewhere into the next county, I’ll never know, we never saw it again, but the curious thing was, we heard later, that the old grouch down by the corner store started chewing his fingernails again and having nervous breakdowns.

My dad came storming around the tree after the thunderous boom rocked the whole town…you couldn’t see anything for the black smoke everywhere, he peered through the smoke and said, “Hey! I caught you guys smoking didn’t I?”

“Smoking?” Ben said, “Heck, if you had been here a little earlier, you would have seen us still on fire!”

The Responsible Blogger

This made me realize that everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions. Sooner or later, someone is going to notice something that you do, and it depends on your actions to whether or not you’ve done those people good or bad.

There are countless numbers of scam sites online that take people’s money every day. If you’re involved in one of these sites, then shame on you! I think that these people telling all of these lies to everyone should take responsibility for their actions and what they say online!

There are countless sites that tell you one thing just to get your money. Here’s what I think. If you have told someone a lie to get them to buy something, then there should be a punishment for that.

These are honest people trying to make a living online, and if you can’t honestly help someone, why even do it?

Don’t start your blogging career trying to get people to buy your affiliate links without even knowing what you’re selling to them. Do your research, buy the product, do what you have to do to give them an honest opinion of the product, how it can help them, how it can hurt them. but above all, be honest with your readers.

I call B.S. on a lot of this make money online stuff.

Don’t go any further than this site. If you want someone to shoot you straight, I will. Let me coach you and show you how I make money online! No, I won’t tell you that you can start making money in a week. And I won’t fill your head with false hope of not having to lift a finger to be successful.

What I will tell you is that if you have the desire to become successful, if you really want it and can devote about 5 hours a week to this, then I can definitely help you make money. One of my biggest questions that I get is “How long until I can make money?” That all really depends on you, how much you can learn and in what time you can learn it.

Believe me, if I had the knowledge that I do now when I first started, I could have made money a whole lot quicker! If you really want to learn how to become successful at blogging, then I can help you. Don’t go to someone that will lie to get your money. See how I can help you get started right now! I can point you in the right direction, check me out, and see how you can get started today!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. Totaly agree with your post, and wanted to ask you a related question – do you think many bloggers have the means to actually *do* anything (apart from starting a flame war)? I mean, let’s say someone claims he wrote something he copied off my blog, what can I do? It’s not like I can sue…

  2. When a person will understand their responsibilities only then he/she can manage those all things which can create problem in life.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog. All I can say a successful blogger are those who creates a quality blogs that they were, original created by you.

  4. I had to laugh so hard at you boys building that “cannon”. Sounds like something my younger brother would have done when he was that age.
    I too agree though: If you can’t add value in an honest fashion – you shouldn’t be blogging. Thanks for keeping things straight/real!

  5. Yep, You shouldn’t be be wishy-washy in your judgement. You should say it loudly and proudly and state your judgement and opinions strongly. Not everyone is going to agree with you. But that happens everywhere all the time. Everyone has different ideas on what ,what should be. Thanks for clearing this up. I just had a fight with one of my readers today. He said I don’t cover my articles %100 and refuse to use or play certain games but I still write about them. Well, I don’t see the point and he’s not happy with it. Does it change the way I write. No. – Scott Craighead