The Cure For The Bloggers Writing Block

Common Myths of Bloggers

There is some fiction floating around the blogging industry and with bloggers all over the internet. One thing that I literally hate is when a blogger writes a post without ever having researched it before. They see this fabricated story on someone else’s blog who probably seen it on someone else’s blog, and they post it as true.

Here is one of the biggest myths:

  • “Bloggers Need To Blog Everyday”- This is simply not true.  I realize that they are saying this because of the search engine optimization that goes along with a blog.  Keeping fresh, and original content for the Google Bot is always a great thing to do.  However, there is no possible way that you are going to write a great piece of work that is helpful and informative every day.  Now I know that some of you probably use article spinners anyway, and that is just garbage.  However, if you want to sacrifice the integrity of your blog with article spinners then that is up to you.

bloggersMore on this myth.  If you are one of those bloggers who has less than 1,000 readers per month, then you don’t need content, you need readers!  New bloggers, if you can come up with great posts everyday, then by all means, post it!  But what you need is exposure, not a blog post every day.

One great way that new bloggers can get exposure is by Boosting Your Social Media Traffic. This will help you to get a following for your blog. You can concentrate on content after you have more readers! I know, I know, how can you get readers without content? I am not saying to never post a blog topic, I am merely pointing out that you should do one or two good posts and then concentrate on getting the traffic.

Bloggers Writing Block

Once you get the traffic coming in to your blog, you have to have the content flowing regularly. As I have mentioned before, it is going to be virtually impossible to post awesome blogs every day. Writer’s block is a hurdle that you will encounter more than once in your blogging career. I am no pro at this, however, here are some things I do and use to help with writer’s block.

  • Carry A Pen And Paper- Buy one of those little pads of notebook paper.  The kind that you can fit in a pocket or something and carry it with you everywhere you go.  You can’t come up with great topics and posts every time you sit in front of the computer, but throughout the week, ideas will come to you sporadically.  Most of my ideas come while I am visiting someone else’s blog.  John Chow.Com said it best when he said, “Ideas are floating around everywhere, you just have to find them!”
  • Set A Schedule- The point is not having to blog about something every day.  Set a schedule that you know you can keep.  For instance, if you believe that you can write a great informative and helpful blog post every other day, then make that your schedule!  If you feel that you can only write one time a week about something great, then make that you schedule!  Put it down on paper, on a calendar, or in your phone somewhere so you will have it handy!  Keeping yourself accountable for a schedule will help!  There is no harm to your site in only writing one time per week.  Plus, you are not sacrificing the integrity of your site with crap posts.
  • Writing Prompts- Still nothing?  I hardly ever have to use these because there is so many ideas online, but when I do, these are great tools to use for writers block for bloggers. The first one is Creative Writing Prompts.Com This basically gives you ideas to write about. There are tons of them. Just pick from the numbered section. Writer’s Digest is a great writing prompt that you can search for the idea that you WANT to write about but have no idea what to say.
  • Visit Other Blogs- There are ideas everywhere out there beyond your little niche online.  Explore them!  You can get great bloggersideas for topics or blogs themselves by visiting other sites or blogs.  Commenting with a great answer or point that you want to get across not only will give you certain traffic & perhaps start a relationship with this blogger, but it will also give you a backlink too!  It should be mandatory that all bloggers go out and browse around.  This is a great way to get some interesting posts as well.
  • Join Brainstorming Communities- Places like Quora.Com is a great place to go and ask a question about a topic that you would like to blog about. You post your search and, being powered by keywords, it will give you a list of topics with the keywords you searched with. Very good way to see another persons viewpoint on a certain topic.

Bloggers Be Yourself!

Remember, these are only tools to use to help you be creative. Don’t be swayed by another person’s writing style. Use these tips to give you ideas that you can redirect to your blog in your own words. And for heaven’s sake, don’t copy & paste! If you’re doing that, then blogging isn’t for you! Besides, Google and the other search engines know when an article has been posted twice, so you are not fooling anyone!

Make your blog your own. If I wanted to see how John Chow writes I go To John Chow’s website, not Darren Rowse, because he has his own style as well!

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~All The Best To All The Bloggers Out There!

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  1. Great points you’ve made here. Setting a schedule is certainly very vital, although many bloggers probably assume with it.

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. But if you can keep a constant flow with the content in your blog you will be better off, especially with the search engines.

  2. Hey Wade, thanks for sharing your tips here. I use some of these myself. Your comment “It should be mandatory that all bloggers go out and browse around”, is priceless. Excellent tip for new bloggers!

    Keep bringing the value to the table!

    • Well, it should be! I hate it when a new blogger just starts a blog and then starts typing away about something he knows nothing about. They don’t take time to learn, or see how someone else does this, they just jump right in whole hog, and this usually ends up in a disaster and sacrifices the integrity of their blog.

  3. I really agree with you. we should write blog about those topics in which we have indepth knowledge so that it will be helpful to others also and we too will get popularity.

  4. Richard,

    Thank you so much for this helpful resource!

    Imwill be sure to share it with many other bloggers too.



  5. Excellent post. i think that we should write the blog posts with our complete interest, If you have good interest in the thing which you are working then you are good to go. :)