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New Ideas to Make Money Blogging

Ok, we all want to have a great blog and make money blogging with it! There is certain issues to this idea that will probably surprise some of you. A good blogger writes for the search engines so they can get noticed right? Wrong. A great way to make money with your blog is to actually forget the search engines! Forget the way SEO is done while you write! No, I am not saying to forget the whole idea of SEO, because you still need the search engines to see you, but I am giving you something else to think about here. While you blog, only blog for your reader! One of the best people that I can think of that does this is John Chow. This guy will tell you that you should be focused on the reader first, and Google second!

Here is the idea:

Google follows people. People want to see something interesting, funny, helpful, or informative when they search the web for a particular thing because it is supposed to be an information gathering machine. When you make your blog with these ideas, then people will read your blog more. An SEO driven blog is confusing and hard to read. Your visitors want answers to something, or they want some sort of information with a certain idea or topic.

make money bloggingThink about it, would you return to a site that had a bunch of garble on it, knowing that it was written for the search engines? No, I wouldn’t either!

So what’s a blogger to do?

Make sure that your on site SEO is great. Write your descriptions and your titles for the search engines, your visitors don’t see this. The eye catchy titles and descriptions that are located on the search engines are what they will see. I would say that you would do good to optimize these certain details. However, when it comes to the actual content of the blog at hand, then you should throw out everything that you know about Google, and just start writing. The blog is how you are going to make money, so treat your “customers” in a way that you would want to be treated! Making it “presonal” and “inviting” is what the reader wants, and this is what is going to keep them coming back!

How John Chow Makes Money Blogging

John Chow has some great opinions on this subject. It would benefit you to go and visit his blog and start reading everything! He also has a new free ebook that shows more detail about Making Money Blogging and it would do you a great deal of service to go and download it! Remember to keep it simple and light, the reader wants some sort of information that you can give them. Forget the search engines!

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