The New “Bloggers Make Money” Course

The Bloggers Make Money Course

I am promoting my “Bloggers Make Money Course” this past week. I have been blogging for about two years now, with much success! If you have read my bio, or seen an “about me” page, then you know where I came from. For those of you who don’t know me, I used to be a coal miner! Yep, I had only heard that bloggers make money online, I was never part of it. You can read more of my story at Bloggers Make Money Homepage.

I have had different people come to me, whether in forums, through the telephone, and one person even stopped me on the street! It seems like you guys want to know how I did it, and a lot of you have had me thinking for quite some time about an online course about how Bloggers Make Money.

The Creation Of Bloggers Make Money Course

Out of all the guest postings that I have done and being intertwined with some of the most influential bloggers online today, this has been the most humbling thing that i have ever had to do. The creation of the Bloggers Make Money Course was one that took me about 6 months to do. This is basically my life story in an online tutorial that I give you in the Bloggers Make Money Homepage. Thankfully for me, my wife kept everything that I ever did. All of the receipts from the money I spent while clawing my way to the top of Google…everything. We both have spent hours pouring over this vast amount of information (and some of it is still in my study floor right now!).

I didn’t want to just throw out an e-book and say, “Here is what I did…now you follow my lead, and the e-book will tell you what you need to know!” No, that is not the way someone should be taught. If I had had some kind of mentor when I first started out, I would have jumped at the opportunity to be able to work with him/her! That is what I am offering in my Bloggers Make Money course. The chance to be tutored by me and my colleagues.

Learning How Top Bloggers Make Money Takes Time

I will tell you that this course will be time consuming. It won’t be that hard, but it will be time consuming. You are going to learn everything that I learned in two years, in around 6 months or less! Now most of it is stuff that you can do once and leave, but some of it isn’t. This CAN get confusing…the art of getting to Google’s coveted first page always is…but it doesn’t have to be confusing! You will be working alongside of myself, and one of my SEO (search engine optimization) colleagues. I will be with you most of the way, and when it comes time to do the SEO, I will hand you off to him.

Learning how bloggers make money can take a lot of time, but take advantage of this offer today! I allow you to be able to download a FREE course sample…and this will no means tell you all that this course has to offer, but it will ease your mind. For those of you that have spent money on scam and fluff online, go download the freebie at Bloggers Make Money, and for those of you who want to get started right away, go to our sign up page at Signup To Be on Page One of Google!

 The New Bloggers Make Money Course

I’m a full time blogger and social media expert. I have recently been nominated as one of the Top Ten Social Media Bloggers of 2013. I dedicate my time to helping people create a better social media marketing strategy by giving them tips to succeed in the social media jungle! I would love to connect with you! Follow me on the social sites below!

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