The Real Truth About Social Media Marketing Updates

Ok so I’ve had a lot of people talking to me about social media marketing here lately and different people have gotten me excited about sharing with you some of the marketing techniques that I use in my updates to drive a lot of social media traffic to this blog.

One person in particular was my friend Gabe Johansson who encouraged me to write an ebook about my strategies so I could help people.

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Anyway, there are lots of people that can claim they have a different approach to building up your social media traffic, and while their results are good, they really aren’t doing anything different than what you are doing already…they are just great salesmen that can write good copy and make people buy stuff.

I want to give you these tips for free.  But I do ask that you follow me on Twitter in exchange for what I’m about to tell you!

What’s so different about my social media marketing plan?

What makes me so special anyway? There are many social media marketing tips out there these days! These tips will be probably the first time you have ever seen or maybe even heard of before! The social media marketingreason that it’s so different is because I actually had no idea about the protocol’s that one had to take when distributing their social media update to a platform. Sure, I had seen it done, but in my opinion it just wasn’t something that appealed to me, so instead of following the “norm” and going with the flow of generic updating, I really began to just do it the way I wanted to.

I began to see social platforms as a means of getting massive traffic right away. Honestly, we tend to fall into the rut of simply publishing our blog post and then the next step would be to share it to our social media marketing accounts.

I didn’t like that. When you get into a pattern of something, you lose the ability to heighten thought process and brain activity. You’ve done it before, so there’s really no need to think about it.

Recently I wrote a post called The Psychology of Getting Traffic From Social Media that pinpoints different aspects of word play and psychologically effective stimulants that prompt readers to either take notice of or click on your update.

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The Way You’re Doing Social Media Marketing Updates Now…

As it stands, there are probably some of you that are familiar with updating. Whether you’re updating that same old post again or a new one, you are probably doing it wrong!

Here are two updates that I have seen recently and would like to show you how to fix them:

Update#1-{Amazing}{Awesome}Product That Will Definitely Help You! [Link]

Update#2-Check out my new blog post [Link]

Update #1 is taking away from the readers chance at forming an opinion for themselves.  When you add adjectives to your social media updates, even though you’re excited about whatever it is you’re posting about, you are actually taking credibility away from your post when you have a preconceived notion as to what the reader should think about a certain thing.

Especially if the link directs them to a squeeze page or an affiliate link.

The Way You Need To Do Your Social Media Marketing Updates: The “Wade” Factor

Fixing Update #1

It’s pretty simply once you actually start thinking about what you’re doing.  The main thing that you want to do is to keep it as neutral and enticing as you can.  Here is how I would fix update #1:

Here is something that I have been using that has really helped my site, what do you think? [Link]

You’re giving your personal review of what it has done for you, yet you’re not shoving it down their throat either.  You also give them a chance to decide for themselves if it is something that is right for their site.

Updates that lead readers to potential sales pages or blog posts with affiliate links in them have to be dealt with extreme caution.  In my opinion it’s better to lead them to a personal review of a product that you use rather than send them to a squeeze page.  However, I understand that using squeeze pages are essential to building leads and making money.  If a squeeze page IS involved and the product offered is something that is free to help you build your list, include FREE in the update somewhere.

Fixing Update #2

social media marketingWell, for starters, people never “check this out.”  Have you ever “checked anything out” before?  It’s a lame attempt at getting someone’s attention, yet people do it all the time!  Another one that I see a lot is this: I’ve just written a new blog post! Who cares?  You’re not enticing me enough to notice you so I scroll down to the next one.

In order to repair update #2 you need to totally go another route.  One update that I have found that is great to do is to use an incomplete sentence, such as:

Build your blog with…[Link]

You really don’t need a lot of words when updating.  However, remember that on G+ the first sentence is the meta tag and is used in the search engine and this type of update is totally for the reader only.  If you have just written a post about making money, then you would want to encourage people to click like this:

Making money online is now easier than ever! [Link]

Effective Words To Use In Social Media Marketing:

  1. The 5 W’s- Who, what, when, where, and why are always effective at driving traffic because it refers to an answered question that they don’t know yet.
  2. Truth Words- Fact, truth, fiction, false, and free are a few good words to include in your marketing strategy in updating.  These types of updates tell the reader that they have been misinformed or that you know something that they don’t, or are getting something that they’re not.
  3. Fear of Loss- Only, left out, secret, and free [again].  Fear of loss words are said to be more powerful than the reader’s “hope to gain”.  This one is really tricky though.

Building on your social media marketing from scratch

If you’re not using any of these techniques then it’s time to start again and bring a new plan to the table.  Whether you know it or not, you ARE providing a psychological response in your updates-even if it’s negative.  Try this for yourself and see what you can do to better your social media marketing plan in the future!


My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. Great post Wade and to the point.
    Looking forward to your joining our Wednesday Evening Talk Show and share your social media wisdom

  2. I understand what you mean about fixing the social media updates. If I may add something, writing good blog titles matters because there are plugins that directly updates the social media acct after clicking the publish button.

  3. Thanks for sharing these details because when you will learn these kind of things for online promotion then it would be work amazing for you to make more popularity in online marketing.

  4. Hello Dear

    i read your post in fact i am saying post daily on social media site really but post always eye catching post really this is effective way and yes i agree with your post create always truth words, so thanks for sharing me

  5. Wow Great tips, thanks a lot, Well this is really helpful for me as i am newbee . I will try to use your tips and i hope my blog social media visibility will improve. Looking forward for more tips.

    Thanks & Regards

  6. most useful post found for this issue.. good work.. keep it up..

  7. Good tips, Wade, but honestly I don’t think that the target audience of this blog post will read it. The persons who use “check this out” headlines – whether it’s about social media or email marketing – are usually newbies that are in a hurry to make a couple of bucks (or a fortune LOL) online because they heard about a magic land called internet where you can make money while sleeping, no experience required, bla bla. They’re in a hurry to go back to their offline life or to their online favorite games or to posting pictures on Facebook. They don’t have time to read “garbage” articles. Why waste time when you don’t need any experience to make money online? :-)

    • Thanks for your in-depth comment, however I’m kind of confused. You don’t think that the target audience of the post will read this? What did you mean by that? If there is anything I can do to make it better please let me know..I’m no pro at this by any means, but I do have a lot of testing going on about the social media psychology right now. For the most part 87% of the time, this stuff really works.

      As far as the rest of your comment is concerned, I totally agree. People that make the “check this out” headline are usually one’s that don’t know that much about updating, don’t care, or are in a hurry to make a lot of money and not connect with people. Those people get a shock later down the road! :)

      • Let me try to clarify it, Wade. I read your post, maybe my good online friend Gabe will read your post, etc. But we aren’t the target audience of this post. I’m online since 2001 and I already know since many years that “check this out” headlines are BS. The target audience of such article is the guy who uses check this out headlines. But usually this type of person doesn’t read this type of informative articles. Why? Because they’re in a hurry to… (see my previous comment). Even the headline “check this out” shows you that they’re in a hurry. What you can do about this? Nothing… We can’t do anything about it. I’m not saying that you made a mistake. Sometimes we cannot force people grow up, it’s not only up to us. We can keep trying. Some of the people will follow us and grow up, most of the people won’t do it. That’s it. We must go on, it’s their loss, not our loss ;-)

        • Gotcha! That’s more clear, however, I don’t recommend using the “check this out” feature in your updates. As I recall I used it as a “how not to get someone to click”. But either way, you’re correct and I agree…hey to Gabe(good buddy of mine).

          • Wade, I feel that you didn’t understand one minor detail from my post and I do apologize if I’m wrong… But … you said “however, I don’t recommend using the check this out feature in your updates” as if I’m using it and I don’t agree with you. The tip is very good, I already said it :) You have to share good tips even if most of their target audience won’t see them because they’re busy killing their time. My first comment posted here can be rephrased like this: excellent tips, I do agree with you, unfortunately the people doing these mistakes usually don’t read this type of articles. But it’s their loss. Keep up your good work, fortunately “most of the people” is different than “all of them”, which means that some people that really need help will read the article. And that’s good :)

  8. Well, really useful information about social media marketing updates. Thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks for this article. I’m 4 months into blogging and getting the word out about my blog on social media is daunting. I was a novice who used “check this out” to get people’s attention. Definitely won’t do this again.

    • Thanks for confirming that. There was someone in here that really didn’t think that people like you would actually read this. lol!

      • That’s not really true… That “someone” said something else. I quote… “fortunately ‘most of the people’ is different than ‘all of them’, which means that some people that really need help will read the article.” ;-)

  10. Your view on social marketing is interesting, Wade. It seems that the blogging community has created a pretty set standard for how to go about doing social media marketing, but I can see how some of your variations could positively affect traffic. Thank you for sharing with us!


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