The Top 5 Most Influential Bloggers in My Career

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Recently, I have been making more and more friends and getting my blog out there, and I have you to thank for it!  I’m coming up on my top 5 bloggersone year anniversary to my first blog post and I wanted to do a “most influential” post to commemorate that.

These bloggers are all people that have influenced me in some way or another.  As you know, in the past year I have been nominated as a Top Ten Social Media Blogger for 2013, a nomination that I have you to thank for as well!

There will always be people that come into your life that can help you in some way or another.  Some come in the form of a blog post or series thereof, and others come in the form of personal relationships.

These are the people that have affected me the most.

#1-Neal Schaffer from Windmill Networking

neal schafferNeal is an all around great guy! He is one of the most sought after social media speakers on the planet and he has been almost everywhere sharing his vast knowledge of social marketing techniques across the globe. Normally people in his position don’t even bother with the little guys like me. However, one day I found myself talking to him, and found that he is a great guy! Neal has not only influenced me on a personal level, but also through the great content on his blog!

Here is a quote from his about page on his site:

Neal is a global social media conference speaker who is also known for his two award-winning and critically acclaimed social media books: Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing: and Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn: An Unofficial, Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Implementing Your LinkedIn Brand – Social Networking in a Web 2.0 World

Don’t forget to order his new ebook coming out called Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success

Neal currently speaks on social media on average at around 50 events each year. In parallel, he continues to consult with, coach, and train clients and is also writing his 3rd book, “Maximizing Twitter for Business.”

As a leading social media strategist, Neal has created social media strategies and coached implementation for dozens of companies since launching his consultancy in January of 2010, including a Fortune 50 software company, a Grammy award-winning musician with more than one million social media fans, and a public utility serving more than 20 million consumers.

#2-Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

pat flynnPat has helped me so much he’ll never even know. While I don’t know Pat on a personal level (hopefully that will change), I feel like I know him on an extended level because of how he has helped me so far. What I mean is, Pat, while he is known for his great skills as a blogger, most people know him as a podcaster. This is how I know him. While his blog has great ideas and has helped me a lot, the most I have gotten from Pat is the fact that his extensive knowledge of how to start a podcast was what got my attention.

As you know, I have since started a podcast myself, and I owe it all to Pat for helping me do it!

Here is a little more about Pat from his “about” page on his website:

I used to have a 9 to 5 job, which I really did enjoy. I was working as a Job Captain in an architecture firm and loving the line of work I was in. I had no plans to leave, but unfortunately there are some things you cannot control (like the economy) and so, I was laid off.

Getting laid off is a weird feeling. One day you think everything is fine and for whatever reason the next day you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do anymore. Instead of feeling bad about it, I immediately decided to work for myself from home.

It turns out that getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me. Without my 9 to 5 job holding me back, I’ve since been able to earn more money and work less (and more flexible) hours – which in the end allows me to be home and spend time with my family. Click here to read more about how Pat earned his first dollar.

Don’t forget to check out Pat’s best selling ebook on Amazon called Let Go by Pat Flynn

#3-Allie Irish of Ramblings of a Work At Home Mom

Allie Rambles

Allie Rambles from Ramblings of a WAHM

Allie has been a major player in my success online to date. I have a personal relationship with her and we frequently talk either over Skype or Google Hangouts to discuss different strategies that we’re doing online. I have to give Allie credit because she is seemingly the driving force in a lot of things that I do and have done on this blog to date. Either in giving me ideas while talking to her, or seeing something on her blog, she has been really helpful!

Check out her newsletter and see more about her bio at Here is some things that she has written on her personal bio that you may find interesting: RWAHM started back in September 2010 with no money. (Ok, a little because I had to buy the registration for my site and hosting.) My objective is to learn online income through blogging and other online platforms, earn an income, AND to share what I know with my readers. I became a WAHM. But most of all to help you become online social media, blogging, email marketing superstars.

Allie is a true friend and a great blogger!  You will find very helpful information on her site to make money, build a blog, and learn the tricks to being a stay at home earner.



Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips


Ileane Smith was the first popular blogger to even talk to me!  From the start, she has always been willing to help, giving me guest posting opportunities on her site, being involved in social sharing groups, and Facebook collaborators.  Her story is pretty funny.  She accidentally started a blog while trying to look at her daughter’s site!  From there she has went on to create a large group of guest posters on her site, guest post at other sites, and generally getting her word out there.  She is a great person to get to know.  Listen to her podcast for more info on blogging tips!

Ileane is proficient in WordPress blogging, podcasting, and anything blogging related. If you’re looking to get your voice heard, then you can check out her site and request a guest posting opportunity. It’s a good way to get started, and how I got my start!

She has been featured in different sites as cutting edge in the blogging industry on sites like BizSugar, Bloggers, and BlogEngage and she can help you in your blogging endeavor’s.  Ileane has been very influential in my blogging experiences.



#5-Kristi Hines of Kikolani

kristi hinesLast, but definitely not least, on my blogging road to success, Kristi Hines played an important role in giving me information and tips that I used on my blog.  When I first started, I heard people talking about so I went and checked it out.  Turns out, I became a regular reader, but not a regular commentor.  The information that was given took a lot to process as I was just starting out.

I never met Kristi until about 4 months ago.  It was right about the time when I got my nomination, and we actually met on SocialMediaExaminer’s public forum where she moderates.  Kristi is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and a social media enthusiast who offers content development services for businesses and bloggers.  She has written for popular sites such as KISSmetrics, SocialMediaExaminer, SEMgroup, and much more!

Kikolani, a name she derived from combination of her middle name and my grandmother’s name, is home to my blogging tips and blog marketing advice catered to personal, professional, and business bloggers alike. You’ll find posts on bloggingbusinessSEO, and social media as well as her eBook on Blog Post Promotion.

Kristi is really an expert in her field and even though we didn’t meet until recently, she impacted the way I did things on my blog as far as techniques and writing.  Kristi has been very influential to date for me!


So these are the most influential bloggers in my blogging career.  These people have affected me at one point or another, helped me accomplish some things, or simply gave me direction and friendship when I needed it.  Thanks so much for the encouragement and help!

If you’re a blogger and need some direction, then these people are some of the best in the industry!

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  1. Hi Wade,
    great post!
    You mentioned three of my favorite bloggers.
    I know the other two, but they did not affect particularly my blogging career,
    above all I should say at beginning.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, Wade.

    • Hey Erik, yeah I figured a lot of people know these bloggers, it would be interesting to see how many times these people actually showed up in posts like this.

  2. There list wouldn’t of course be complete without Ileane and Pat. They are sources of motivation for all.

  3. Only one I didn’t know about was Neil – I’ll have to go and check him out! Great list but… why wasn’t I on there? (totally joking here!)

    I know I’m more of a mechanic of blogging rather than an influencer.

  4. Thanks so much Wade!!!

    You have helped me tremendously also. I hope you know that. Well, you do now.
    You have taught me that making money is possible with a lot of hard work and know how. Sometimes I would be too shy to start something or work in circles. But after our conversations, many times I would get back to work and actually be very productive because you showed me that I just need to do it.

    I am honored to be listed with such amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs!!!


  5. What’s up Wade,

    Thanks for putting me on to a couple bloggers that I hadn’t heard of yet, at least 2 are new for me.

    Definitely adding them to the #IBCT watch list.

  6. I have been on 3 from these 5 blogs and I am willing to agree that those are some of the most popular blogger out there that always give an excellent tips and shed light on many critical aspects.

  7. When you will join these kind of bloggers network then no doubt from there you can learn many things about how you would need to maintain your blog for your readers.

  8. I follow three out of 5 and they inspire me every time I read some ogа their posts! It is more than enoguh to read only these 5 bloggers to gain as much experience as possible. Thank you for mentioning..

  9. Hey Wade,
    Thanks for the list. Some of these folks have been contributors to the BizSugar community for quite some time. It’s nice to see some of the influences that have inspired our other members too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you so much Wade!
    I always knew you were destined for great things and you have done some amazing things since you started blogging. Keep up the great work and thanks again for the shout out. :)

  11. Wade,

    That’s a heck of a list. I truly believe we are who we read so if that’s the group you’re hanging with then all well for you dude.

    Thanks for sharing and giving props to a great crew.


  12. I am very new to blogging. So, I know only few of them Surely I will follow all the bloggers, you have mentioned on your post. Ileane mam is my most favorite among them.

  13. I know some of them and visit their blog regularly and some others are new.


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