Tips for Email Marketers to Avoid Being Tagged as Spam

One of the greatest objections that your marketing efforts come across is assuring that your messages which hold a good motive, reach your target’s inbox and not land up in the dreaded spam folder or get tagged as spam. So while providers of email services are stepping up their game by remodeling their spam filters email marketers are also getting crafty and devising new ways to get past these filters. The ongoing challenge for email marketers is to ensure that their mails abide by the principles or standards of what would qualify as an email that can escape being tagged as spam and the email is set for hitting the inbox.

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An in depth estimation of what the providers of email service are verifying and what is their definition of what would define as spam is crucial to start with and you as an email marketer would have to decode this mysterious formula and mind you this will be a continuous process to stay put with the trends that are periodically updated by the emailing service providers.

  • The providers of email services typically have their list of banished domains, companies or senders and if you happen to be on this list then it pretty much means commencing your marketing campaign from the word “go.” And to avoid this, an email marketer can begin by creating an impeccable email list and this basically means that the data that you have built is generated from individuals that have voluntarily subscribed to your program and not that you have obtained this list from unreliable sources.
  • So while it may call for patience and a steady pace to build your list it will have far reaching benefits for you and also save you from being tagged as spam by sending out emails randomly to people. It’s also advisable to have your subscribers add you to their address book and this can be done in the introductory mail that you send to them. All honest attempts made by you willemail matketer only help in enhancing your acceptability and earn you a respectable place in the inbox of users.
  • Next in line is what the subject of your email will entail for the subject thread is instrumental in a smooth mobility in an inbox. So keep it short and impactful and guard against the words that are on the “spam word” list.  Email Spam Filter Word List
  • Following subject, also ensure that the contents in your email are not the typical lines or words that can get you straight in the spam folder. So tax your brains and come up with a writing style that will not get you the red flag. Also keeping a tab on the images that you use is imperative and while it may seem that the more the images the better the appeal, so you may want to think again as over usage of imagery could also risk an entry in dreaded spam folder. An over dose of huge fonts or red ones are best to be kept at bay for they could in all probability result in your email being tagged as spam. A good idea would also be to highlight the unsubscribe link for it is any day better to get unsubscribed than being marked as spam.

So whilst it may not always be a difficult task to avert being tagged as spam, it is needless to say an ongoing battle for email marketers to make a smooth entry into an inbox. Your distinction as a sender is very critical and often times what may seem as a daunting task may in actuality be a simple resolve.

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  1. Hi George

    I think Email list still rules and we can always work on it to prevent it to be tagged as spam.
    I think subject of the email is really the key which we can always work upon.

    Thanks for sharing this great info.

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  2. So this the good stuff to get good response from your readers and one thing is true when you will use these kind of unique techniques for your business then you will get unique response.
    Sam recently posted..Goa Holiday PackagesMy Profile

  3. All the steps you mentioned in post are not new to blogger community but their order and the way you described their importance is amazing and quite motivating. This is the true spirit of a real blogger to infuse life in dead. You just did it. Keep it up buddy you are doing a great job
    Tim recently posted..Best Real Estate Website Templates 2013My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    This issue is so important especially for newbie like me that I can not ignore it. From this information I know what should I do in order that my email marketing will not get tagged as spam. Thank you for this useful information.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted..Affiliate Cash Snipers – Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Has Arrived!My Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Another thing to avoid is sending via a “no reply” email address. A handful of large lists still get away with this, but the new email marketer is going to struggle with it.

    I add the unsubscribe link to the beginning and end of my emails. Like you said, it’s better to get an unsubscribe than a spam report. So many marketers are still “hiding” their unsubscribe link below many lines of blank text and that’s about as amateurish as it gets. That is a sure sign of a shady marketer that doesn’t have a clue and I would unsubscribe from them and would certainly never follow their recommendations.

    I also like to add a “preview” at the beginning of the email. Many email clients show a preview pane and this will show there, helping with open rates.

    Lastly, I like to remind them that they subscribed voluntarily. It goes something like:

    This newsletter is NEVER sent without your double opt-in request.
    We take your privacy very seriously and will never make your information public.
    To unsubscribe simply click the [unsubscribe link]
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  6. Twitter:
    Thank you, Brian. I really appreciate you sharing.

  7. I hate being tagged as spam because it isn’t my intention and I believe many people feel that way. Thanks to your post I can avoid being tagged as one. This post is heaven-sent. Thanks a lot!! :)

  8. I’ve been having problems with that for the past month. It just seems as though office emails are getting stricter by the minute. And using Thunderbird isn’t really convenient. Thanks for these tips though, they’ll surely be handy.

    • Twitter:
      Hi! Stacey. I know how frustrating it is at times. I have never tried using Thunderbird, so I don’t how different it is from Outlook or other Email Clients. But I sure am glad that you find the post helpful. Thanks

  9. Twitter:
    Nobody wants to tag as a spam. This is not a right way to build business. We want to have a businesses that last long and give real profits and offer solution for the customers. So we must build a health mail list to make a good relationsthip with the customers.
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  10. Yes! Everyone doesn’t want to named or tag as a spammer. Our goal in business is to have long lasting relationships our customers online. Your post helps me a lot gives an idea on how to become successful in business.
    Jules recently posted..How To Make An Inbound Marketing PlanMy Profile

  11. For me, it’s like being tagged as guilty for something you didn’t do. I kind of take it that way. Thanks for sharing ways on how to avoid it. Thanks a lot! :)
    Kelly recently posted..Architecture and nature co-existing happily together – is it possible?My Profile

  12. I am relatively new to email marketing and I’ve found your article to be very helpful. I’ll be sure to keep myself updated with your future posts in order to keep myself informed.

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    Thank you, Calra. I look forward to share more tips.