Top Secret: Good Content Gets Read, Great Content Gets Shared

For those under the illusion that all blog posts should cost $1.5 on some creepy crawly website where people can barely spell their name, let alone write a 500 word expose on your niche topic I say, “Bah Humbug!” Make that an emphatic Bah Humbug indeed!

Here is the dog gone secret that I discovered while using the cheapest labor at the lowest rates before they were gone, gone, gone. It does NOT work!

People with no knowledge of the English language amazingly enough make horrible writers. Moreover, you will spend more time contentcorrecting the errors of your way then if you wrote the great content article from scratch.

Now, I am not going to go off on some English teacher rant about woes is me the world is full of dangling participles ridden people. I was a history teacher. I know historically as a people our understanding of communication has taken huge leaps over the past 50 years. Still, we yearn for the days when beating our chests triumphantly were all that needed to be said to show our dominance.

However, I realize that the secret sauce is this. Spend a few minutes writing something. Take the time to make sure it actually looks like you did not write it hanging upside down. Then wait for the applause.

You have that momentary feel good scenario walking through your head like a rock star in the empty streets of some eighties MTV Hollywood set. However, good does not gets mixed in with all the rest.

Instead, you want greatness! Ah! The roars of the crowd as people chant your name like a cult. You want to go Gangam Style
viral! Well, this leads to one absolute response!

Create great content! Great content that makes people laugh! Laugh I say! Why are you not ROFLMAOing? More important, the content must educate. Here are three ways you can improve your content.

First, study grammar. I know, you are not in grammar school anymore (Eh! Like the pun), however, ensuring your grammar is as good as it can be is important. While I am not a grammar genius, my sentences overall make sense. I hope!

Second, look around to see what people share the most. Study the viral videos and articles of the past three months. While you do not want to duplicate them, take away what you feel made this content shareable!

Third, write like you talk. Do you bore yourself to tears when you speak? On the other hand, are you moved ever so slightly by the eloquence of your words as they take flight during everyday conversations? Chances are you have a lot going on in your head. Write it down. Do not feel constrained by the proper codes of conduct. Instead, write what you feel. It will go a long way in backing up what you say.

Fourth, edit! My wife always tells me that I need to write great content in hot passion, and edit in cold indifference. When you write, do not stop. I always tell my clients that I finished writing their articles, but the work really stinks. However, I will go through it later, and touch it up. I never know how I write great content, but it always looks professional when I am finished.

There you go! The secrets of greatness are out! Dang nab it! The bigger question is what will you do with this information. Will you be like the 80% of people who read this article and do nothing? Or will you take this as a sign that you need to get your butt in gear?

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Andy Nathan is a social media consultant who helps you with your lead generation online. Discover more about developing your lead generation with our free eMarketing training series at: Or if you just have no desire to write the content by yourself, I can write it for you. Click here to learn how: I Want Quality Articles

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  1. Heru Prasetyono says:

    Writing good content is often not easy as I think. For me writing something to share takes time and I must to think it over before deciding to post it. By the way writing is good and I must train myself to do it. There are a lot of advantages I can get through witing. Of course writing something value to read. While writing I suppose I will get skilled and more experinces. Language can be a matter for me but I can overcome it by reading a lot from other bloggers. I learn by doing. I am not good at writing but I always try to improve my writing in order to can share ideas or information to others. I hope my writing can be valuable for others.

    • andynathan says:


      I used to be a teacher. We had a famous author come talk to our school to speak to the kids. The best line I ever heard from a writer was this. If you want to learn how to write, read, read, read, and read some more. Then when you have done that, read, read, read, and read some more. Then you need to read, read, and read some more.

      Sounds like you are on the right path for writing. Keep reading, and practice your writing as you learn to write valuable content for your readers.


      • Heru Prasetyono says:

        Thank you Andynathan. I do agree with you. And I think the writer you told me above is right. I must read, read and read then I will be able to write. And if I listen, listen and listen then I will learn to speak. You are wonderful. I like the way you remind me. You are my teacher now. Don’t get bored to read my writing. I do want you to answer me if I have any questions. Great, I won’t forget this.

  2. Enstine Muki says:

    Hi Andy,
    I like when you said “write like you talk…” That’s an important way to be yourself. However, you can’t talk poor and write good. So grammar is important.

    What I’m struggling to do now is go beyond ‘good’ and provide some ‘exciting’ content. I think when readers get excited, they share the greatness.

    Though English is foreign to me, I think I’m not completely off pitch!

    • andynathan says:


      All I can tell you is that I am pretty boring when I talk like everyone else. I am sure that you are in a similar boat.

      Grammar was my biggest challenge, and English is supposedly my first language. My wife once asked how I write a blog that so many read, when I can barely write a proper sentence.

      I have started studying grammar as I continue to blog. It is the biggest skill I need to improve upon myself.


  3. While writing takes up a small part of your time, it’s one of the most important part of blogging. Creating content that is helpful, informative, and funny is a great thing to do all the time. Don’t drop the bar any when writing to your readers.

  4. If you want to see better result then you should need to do something great and this is the rule of online marketing if you are going good then many people will follow you and if you will do something wrong then you can hurt a lot by the same people who were following you from your opinion about online work.

    • Sam,

      Apologize for the late response! Content should always be correct to the best of your ability. Without a doubt you are right here. I also believe that content is about inspiring people to do more. That is why it has to be great.


  5. You have great information and very well said. To make your blog successful you need to create a quality contents to attract more viewers who will be your customers in the future. Contents are the most important in blogging.

    • Jules,

      Sorry for the late response! You hit the nail on the head with the point of this blog.


  6. Great tips Andy . As far as a possible addition, how about omit the Overwhelm.. meaning, make sure you stick to one idea per post. Sometimes bloggers get excited about a topic and get going on semi-related tangents that muddy up the issue at hand. If that happens, it’s usually best to start another post, which is also good for you because now you’ve got a jump start the next time you’re ready to write :-) .

    • Shamelle,

      First of all I apologize for the late response! I agree with you that you want to stay focused. However, as a blogger there are some times when you focus on one item at a time, and others where you bring in different concepts together in a post. I think if you overwhelm someone with education that is the first step to learning more.

      Whenever you start on a new endeavor there is always a bit of an overwhelm “factor”. However, that does not make it a bad thing. When you learn how to manage that overwhelm, you learn more than you possibly thought imaginable.


  7. mohd akbar says:

    I completely agree with you, we have to make great content for readers. And i follow this tips. Thanks…

  8. Yes I agree to your statement. I learn it from my experience that great article will get more attention in social media.

  9. Suresh Khanal says:

    Frist of all – Awesome title! Its really catchy and very true to heart!

    The four tips you’ve mentioned are truly worthy and I really like the idea of editing in cold indifference. Thumbs up!

    • Suresh,

      Thanks! I will let my wife know that you like the idea of editing in cold indifference.


  10. Sarah Park says:

    Great content is the key to be successful and to be unaffected whatever updates Google may implement. This is the best weapon any blogger could do.

    • Sarah,

      100% agree with you on that! The power of Google is only powerful to those who can not write powerful content.


  11. Barbara Charles says:

    You’ve written about a number of things I’ve always had pet peeves on. Writing as if you know English is one of them. I love this article. Thanks for putting it out there for people to read and understand.

    • Thanks! Yeah! Pretending you are an english master is not exactly endearing as a reader. Glad you appreciate this post.

  12. Heru Prasetyono says:

    Through reading some others’ contents I will learn on the way. I will minimize our weakness in language by reading a lot from some resources. I will also leave comment on other blogs as frequent as possible. In this way I feel I find the way to correct my frequent mistakes which means I improve my writing skill. And I come to a conclusion that leave comments in someone’s blog can give both traffic and improve my writing skill. Thank you for all senior bloggers who have given me wide occation to leave comments on their blogs. Practice makes perfect. That’s it.

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    everybody wants new, and high quality full content.
    After all Content is King.