Using Catchy Titles To Attract Website Traffic

Forget About SEO

blog seoLet’s pretend, just for a second, that there is no such thing as search engine optimization. That Google doesn’t have the market cornered, and that we don’t grovel at the mighty giant at every update. Let’s just say that social media is the only platform that exists as well as a way to search out different topics of interest.

Would your blog be able to attract enough attention just from the post title?

Sadly, many blogs would fail in this arena. We have all felt the pressure’s of Google and the giant Kung Fu Panda roaming around judo-chopping our blogs into internet oblivion. Yet, we still optimize for this behemoth and long to have its approval. We don’t recognize that it has us trapped inside of a pit, while it smiles and amuses itself as it tells us to “put the lotion on the skin”. Yet we keep trying to please the beast.

So, let’s imagine that Google doesn’t exist, and there is no such thing as an algorithm, or a creepy Panda and Penguin lurking about wanting to make us cry.

Forget about SEO and let’s focus on people.

Why People Make Your Blog Great

Traffic makes your blog great! People make your blog great! Without them, you make absolutely nothing as far as money is concerned and you have no reason to even blog!

People make your blog great because they are there to read your content, give their opinions on your blog posts through comments, share your blog with their friends through different forms of social media, and finally, click that Buy Nowbutton on your site!

People are important because Google follows people. They keep up with people’s activity online. In a recent study, the Washington Post announced how Google tracks people’s online searches. This includes the sites they visit and the things they buy.

Here is a quote from this report:

If you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services,” Alma Whitten, Google’s director of privacy for product and engineering, said.  “In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience,” she said.  Google said it would notify its hundreds of millions of users of the change through an e-mail and a message on its Web sites. It will apply to all of its services except for Google Wallet, the Chrome browser and Google Books.

Focusing on people is an important strategy if you want to stay around awhile and make some money with your blog.

Throwing Google Out The Window & Focusing On People

Ok, it’s one thing to know that Google follows people, but it’s another thing to actually be able to capitalizeon getting this traffic to yourgoogle blog blog.  People are finicky.  They change every day.  You can never tell what they will be interested in.  If you notice on the social media sites, there are different “trends” that are popular.  These are words that people are searching, or is basically interested in finding out more of…and these usually change every day!

One thing that never changes is the fact that people are usually susceptible to being “intrigued”. With that said, you have to be able to create a way to get the interest of the potential visitor.  One of the ways that you can get these people to your site is by enticing them through your titles.

Having a title that leaps off of the page and catches the eye of the reader is how you are going to get their attention, their click, and eventually, their money.

Here are some title genre’s to look into: 

  1. The List Title: People love lists.  Especially people looking for ways to better themselves somehow.  Lists like 3 Ways To Get Fast Results From Social Media.  Using a billeted list with ways to help people find more information on a certain subject.  One of my favorite lists, and I ALWAYS go to these when I see them, are the lists like “10 WordPress plugins to promote your blog” or “20 Blogging Ideas To Make Money With A Blog”.  If you write any of these, its almost guaranteed that I will visit your site!
  2. The Informative Title: This is a title that is basically pointing to some sort of news, tip, or something along these guidelines.  It is hard to create a “catchy” title that goes along with these blog posts because you don’t want to take away from what the reader would be expecting.  You will get more serious, “all about business” readers with these titles.  These people want to know this information.  They are on a quest to find out something, and if your blog title has what they think they need, then they will visit.  Having an authoritative blog post every now and then will not hurt you at all.
  3. The Creative Title: I personally love to write these.  Writing a title is a tricky thing and even creating a post around that title can sometimes be even more difficult.  Creative titles are a little more easier to write around than informative one’s…and they are more fun!  An example of a creative title that I wrote is Why I Won’t Come Back To Your Blog. Keeping it catchy is the point.

In Conclusion

Your blog is what is supposed to make money. If you had a store out in the real world, you wouldn’t stand at the door and not let anyone come in! You would do everything that you could to entice people to want to come in!

The same principles apply to your blog. Keeping the titles enticing and catchy is just one of the many ways to get traffic to your site.

If your blog is new, stop worrying about making money with it! I am actually getting tired of new bloggers coming to me and asking what they can do to make money right away! Face it, it’s just not going to happen right away! Focus on your content…after all, when it all comes down to making money, you should always refer to the basic principles.

Keep it simple stupid

Once you have your catchy titles in line, and you are creating great one’s too, then you need to focus on the actual content! Getting them there is only half of the battle. Keeping them there is another blog post that I will do later!

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  1. Yes you are absolutely right. Title for post are the major thing that is going to attract people to see the psot. Thus it will increase traffic. thanks for explaining the indepth about it

  2. Twitter:
    True! And catchy titles play a vital role in the commentluv links.
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  3. Twitter:
    Hey Wade, enjoyed reading this post today. It certainly doesn’t hurt to learn a little ad copy if your new to blogging. You are spot on! Having a catchy title will attract readers as well as increase traffic.

    For me, I will write my Title and then rewrite it a half a dozen or so times. It helps! Plus now you have different variations of the original title to use for backlinking and seo purposes.

    Thanks for taking the time to write on this topic as it is important to us bloggers!!

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