The True Success of Blogging

I can remember when blogging was considered something that geeks did. If you were at a party and someone asked you what you did for a living and you respondedBlog“I’m a blogger”, you could literally feel the air being sucked out of the room as they started making assumptions based on your mental state.

Now, blogging is pretty cool. People from all kinds of backgrounds are quitting their day jobs to jump into the ever growing industry of blogging to make their millions online and be like the guys they see in the promotional video’s driving the fancy cars and living in the nice house. Notice I said those other guys because I haven’t quite got there yet, but I have learned some things about blogging in the (almost) two years that I’ve been doing this.

You’ve Got Content-Forget It

One of the main things that I have learned on the road to a successful blogging career is that you probably are going to write some great content. If you’re like me, you’re going to find a super deserted niche (social media psychology) and you’re going to get a lot of recognition for it in the blogging world. The content you will write will be amazing. Forget it.

I have learned that being truly successful at blogging is not promoting your stuff, it’s promoting someone else’s. So, in a way, you don’t have 2,000 people following you on G+, THEY do. Even though that’s your social media following, it’s those people that you promote that will get the benefit out of your users.

Not following me? Let me see if I can make this more understandable because I just read that and confused myself. Ok, here’s why you’re going to need to promote other people. You keep doing it long enough and these people are going to start promoting you. In my case, I started promoting Mike Allton very early on. My few followers got to see his content, and after a certain amount of time, Mike started to see me as a consistent sharer of his content. Therefore, he starts to share mine consistently.

Now I almost have 3,000 people following me on G+, 2,200 people follow me on Twitter, and around 500 people follow me on Pinterest. Now while I do promote my articles right after I publish them, Mike turns around and shares them also to his followers.

Get this: Mike has 71,000 people following him on G+, 9,000 follow him on Twitter, and 1,057 followers on Pinterest. So when he shares, my content reach actually doubles.

Forget promoting your own articles. Publish them and promote them once, but the rest of the time you need to be concentrating on making a relationship with someone who can broaden your reach.

Now I know that sounds harsh, so let me explain. Mike is not just someone I “use” to get my content out there. When you build a relationship with someone, it’s the whole deal with me. Actually I’ll be in St. Louis to visit Mike this week if that tells you anything! Be genuine with your sharing. Make a point to say something to them in their updates, let them know you’re sharing. They may not say anything at first, and some people may not say anything at all. Remember my attempt to befriend Brian Clark of CopyBlogger? Wow that was a train wreck! but for the most part, people will be kind and reciprocate the sharing after a time.

You’ve Got Content-Remember It

Pretty sticky situation isn’t it? You are going to be under pressure to help people every time you write something, and now, with the Google Hummingbird algorithm change, you are forced to write great content every time! No big deal here, right? We want to help people do things. Help them so good that they line our pockets with money, right?

How to blog in this Google era

Someone asked me once, Google freaks me out! How to you write to appease the search engine? Now that’s funny! I have never, nor will I ever write to appease Google. I don’t actively build links to this blog, it is purely social and the links that are being built are the one’s in a social setting.

Here’s how you appease Google. Forget Google. Focus on trying to help people every time you post. Hopefully this post is a help to you. Perhaps you are a bit concerned about the new Hummingbird update and you’re getting stressed out about it. Stop worrying about it. Google has never, and will never go to your Paypal account and put $100 in it. The reader will though, and you need to focus on them.

What does the reader want that no one else is telling them?

In a sense, you can bring something to the table that no one else has ever thought of before. In my social media psychology posts I simply came up with a new way to market yourself on social media. Sure people have heard of Psychology, and they have heard of social media, I simply pushed the two together, seeing as how I know a lot about Psychology anyway, and made myself a niche out of it. Learn how I can help you figure this out!

I’ve got a lot of ideas about niche’s that haven’t even been covered yet, and if you would like to get my ideas or have me coach you on a few things, I would be more than happy to. I am now open to taking on new clients to further their blogging or social media marketing to it’s fullest!

Creating Something Out of Nothing

This is true success in blogging. If you can’t dig out your own niche in the blogging industry, you’re going to get lost in the mix. Sure, you may get a handful of followers on social media, but those people more or less find you when you engage on someone else’s post. While having a large social media following is important, it still doesn’t make you any money on your blog and the whole idea is to drive them to your site and buy something from you.

Most people cringe when other’s start talking about making money from people. But hey, it’s just you and me, right? You’ve been here before, so you know the way I am. We can talk like this. It’s true. You’re here to make money just like I am. But you’re not going to be successful in the blogging industry if you keep doing the same old stuff.

This is where I come in

You’ve read my work, perhaps you were one of the 600 people that purchased my “Social Media Psychology” ebook over in the sidebar. I want to help you succeed, and we can start today. Head on over to my coaching page and see if there is anything there I can help you with. Don’t see what you need? That’s ok, I help people with a lot of things, you can email me at admin(at) and we can discuss what you need to do to push your blog over the edge of success, get more followers on social media, how to drive them to your site, etc.

True success in blogging is figuring out that small ingredient your blog needs to fuel it for the rest of your life. Something that will always be fresh and new every day.

The Final Thought

Create your blogging content the best you know how. One that will appeal and help your readers, one that they will be obligated to share every time. When you focus on writing the great content, and you already know this, the readers will distribute it for you. In the meantime, you need to be making relationships with other bloggers more successful than you! Recently I tried making friends with someone who is pretty popular only to be shot down and told that I wasn’t good enough for her to talk to. Hmm, anyway, I simply apologized and told her that I was simply trying to make a friend. Some people are going to be like that to you. Forget about it and keep trying. The only direction you need to be focused on is up, and the people that are talking about you behind your back…well, there’s a reason they’re behind you.

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

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  1. I do see telling the truth as being harsh. Well, I can be harsh.
    I seem to be the only one in the comments who tell the author of a blog that I am sharing or ask to pin. It seems natural to share important news.
    I started Google+ in the beginning when non of us knew what to do, almost. I left and I am now back. The best of the best are in the arena doing a wonderful job of demonstrating. I am reading their work and commenting. It is not that I expect anything back. I just want them to know I am grateful for the good info they share. I have a lot to learn.
    thank you for sharing.

    • My lousy typing left out a “not”. I do NOT see you as being “harsh” at all.

    • Telling them you’re going to share is one thing. But actually taking the time to add someone, and consistently share their material is another ball game. When you decide you want to make friends with someone, you have to fully devote your time to that person. Maybe you have three or four people at the same time. You hardly get any content out for yourself!

      I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but somewhere in there you’ve got to promote your own stuff. I would recommend doing it on one platform. I’ve made a lot of friends on G+ by simply keeping it on G+ and sharing from that one. Others have followed me over to other platforms.

  2. First, thanks for the shout-out, Wade! I appreciate that.

    Folks, what Wade didn’t mention is that in course of the two of us getting to know each other, Wade offered to contribute to my own blog and I happily accepted, and he asked me to write a Forward for his book which I was very pleased to do. What it boils down to is creating relationships with people, and then sitting back and seeing what happens. Some people you’ll engage on Google+ or Twitter, while others you may end up sitting down with for coffee just to get to know them better. Either way, both you and your blog stand to benefit tremendously.

    Thanks Wade!

    • Great point Mike. Yeah it is something that just flows naturally. When both parties are truly interested in making the relationship work, then it all pans out in the end. No need to rush into anything! I sound like a couples counselor! Either way, building a strong relationship takes time, and effort, and it also takes a lot of sharing and helping the other person too as much as possible!

  3. Now there are many things to notice while you are going to blog but on other hand if you will concentrate on writing skills then it will solve many problems in less time.