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“Social Media Marketing Tips For 2013!”

May 7, 2019 on Twitter At 6pm EST!

Thanks for your interest in our newest upcoming event, Social Media Marketing Tips for 2013, see below for more information on the speakers.  In this event, you will learn different social media strategies that have worked for the professionals!  See what they are doing different and what you can do to get your site noticed!  Find this event onTweet Chat #SocialStrat and get involved in the event!

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Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion



The great Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion, and a pool guy from Virginia, he is now found speaking at various events all over the country to help newbie’s and pro’s alike better their blog with his astounding social media strategies and inbound content marketing.  One of the best dang marketing, business, and life-success blogs on the internet! Sheridan has become a highly sought-after speaker for many marketing and business conferences globally.  Published 3 self-help books in 2001, 2003, and 2006, Follow Marcus on Twitter @TheSalesLion





Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips



Meet Ileane Smith, one of the most helpful bloggers online!  She is known for her extreme social media marketing ideas, podcasts, and for having a whole community of guest posters on her blog, .  If a new blogger wants to get noticed, her site would be the site to look for in getting visibility!  Ms Ileane is known for saying, “Let’s forget about SEO, and start building relationships!” She is definitely a giant marketer in the social media world and we are excited to see what she has to say for this event! Follow Ileane on Twitter @Ileane








Allison, or Allie Rambles, as she is known by her blogging friends is a WAHM.  For those of you who do not know what this means, it means that she is a “Work At Home Mom”.  Allie is one of the top “mom” bloggers online.  You can find her at Ramblings of a WAHM for more information on how to be a stay at home mom, social strategies that work for your blog, and how to become successful! Follow Allie on Twitter @AllieRambles






Wade Harman used to be a coal miner!  Unfortunately, or maybe it was fortunate, a mining accident permanetely injured him.  Looking for money to provide for his family, Wade turned to blogging.    Now he dedicates his time on his blog Bloggers Make Money, to helping newbie’s like he once was to become successful and make money through various social media techniques! His social media strategies have been called awesome and ingenious by other bloggers! Follow him on Twitter @MakeMyBlogMoney