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Twitter, Love It & Hate It!

Twitter can be both good and bad for some people. Good in a way that when you finally start to realize how to use it, the traffic comes pouring in. Bad if you are a new blogger trying to figure this out for yourself, and nothing is happening!twitter1 Get More Followers On Twitter!

Twitter is one of the largest social media sites on the internet. Over 170 million people use this platform daily! This is a lot of traffic that has the potential of coming to your site. Now, I realize that not every person is going to be interested in what your site can offer. There are some people that are looking for, say, concert tickets, and if they see your keyword of “make money” they aren’t going to come to your site because that doesn’t fit their need.

With Twitter, as well as any other social media site online, you have to find a need and fill that need with your tweets. One should not just go into Twitter with the mindset that everyone is going to look for your stuff. You have to have some research done on what people are wanting!

Some Twitter Research Tools:

    • TweetStats.Com-Figure out your tweeting results and how often you get mentioned.  Ideal for researching individual behaviors on Twitter.
    • Trendrr.Com – Trendrr is a new favorite among analysts looking to keep track of trends and compare information. It tracks statistics on multiple social media platforms, but for Twitter, its Twitter Search graphs are invaluable – they provide graphing of keyword mentions on an hourly basis. There’s also Twitter user stats available, and all of this information can be compared to things like blog mentions. Ideal for researching keyword trends.
    • EasyRetweet.Com- This is not a research tool, but I thought I would include it because it allows you to gain more followers and get your tweets re-tweeted. Free to join up! Very nice tool indeed…even if it’s not a research tool!

This is all well and good, but without people looking at your tweets, then they are really useless.  You need followers, because not everyone is going to be searching for your tweets, or your keywords.  Most people just look at the tweets when they come across their own dashboard.  So to get these people, they need to be following you!

Get Twitter Followers

How would someone go about getting more Twitter followers? This is a great question! For each blog that I own I have Twitter followers up in the thousands. This is a new blog, only 5 months old, and I don’t have that many followers, but I still use the same principles as I did with my other sites.

First of all, Follow Me On Twitter, I follow back!

twitter2 Get More Followers On Twitter!Here are some ways to get more Twitter followers.

  • Put your “Follow Me” button in your sidebar- People like to click these buttons!  It gives everyone an opportunity to boost their social networking status online.  Putting your link in your sidebar will give you a great opportunity to get more followers.
  • Put Your Twitter Link In Your Posts- I wouldn’t go to crazy with it.  But you can have good success with posting your Twitter link at the end of your post for the reader to follow.  If they enjoyed your blog, there is a good chance that they will follow you at the end of the post!
  • Put Twitter in Your Email List- You have a list of subscribers, right? If not, you need to check out my post called Do You Still Not Have A List?  This will show you the benefits of having email subscribers.  Having these people that want you to send them emails and offers that can help them, will more than likely follow you when you offer it to them on your list.

Twitter is not just some “fly-by-night” social media platform.  It looks like its going to be here to stay, so you may as well get used to it, start tweeting, and start getting the results!  There is a great thing that you should look into.  Its a site called Social Oomph. This site will allow you to post to Twitter 24/7 without having to be there! This is a great addition to your social media strategy, because it frees up your time to do other things instead of sitting in front of social media sites all day long updating your URL so you can stay in front of potential visitors!

If you use these tools of research and put Social Oomph to use, then you will start reaping the benefits of great traffic from this social media giant!

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This ebook will expose secrets like:

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  1. These are fine types Wade. These are best ways to grow your follower-base naturally. You get followers who actually follow you for what they think they can get from you. That makes it quite targeted and responsive.

    I don’t remember ever using Trendrr. There are tons of twitter apps today ;)