1. Very clever, you are! Your picture is the perfect combination of a ‘little bit vague’ but yet personal! Did you just happen to have that picture on hand or did you take it specifically to be your gravatar? yep, I’m coffee lover, that’s why i’m coffee Owly blogger))

  2. Daniel DiPiazza says:

    Another great way to refine your twitter image (not the literal image…but your presence, rather) is Twylah. Check it out.

  3. its interesting post i like update my pic on social network i don’t know this is more important but by this post i got it thanks for sharing this post…..

  4. Sarah Park says:

    Creating a desirable and attractive profile in Twitter or any other sites to build up credibility and trust.

  5. Just think about it this way. The evolution of the Twitter profile is actualy entertaining. Imagine from the egg head to something so fabulous. You have shared a wonderful post. I’ve been entertained and I am looking forward to more of it. Thanks!

  6. Donna Kiritharan says:

    Reading your post made me go through my Twitter profile. I just realized the benefits of being in a Photography Club and having photographers take lovely photos of me just for free! Nice job on the photos by the way.

  7. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Wade,

    It does matter.
    Some people put up their cat for profile pic, which is nice but people like to talk to “real” people on social sites.
    Akos Fintor

  8. Yes, I also went through the eggbald stage the very first time I logged on to Twitter. I was actually enticed to sign up for the social networking site because so many people are already tweeting their thoughts.

  9. You have made a very engaging and entertaining article. I actually laughed as I recalled the very first time I signed up for Twitter. And then my profile picture evolved from an egg into something that expresses or shows who I am. Literally.

  10. I think a lot can be said with your profile photo. I myself use a variety of shots depending on what site I’m on. More often than enough I choose the ones I look best at.

  11. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Nice post Wade, I would like to clarify something here. If you’re using Twitter to brand your blog or company, than you can go with a logo of your blog, but If you’re there with your own name and want to brand yourself, than try showing your face there. There’s actually a big movement in blogging world on showing your face and some people are shy of that too, so It’s good to go with a logo.

    Wade, Yesterday I wrote a comprehensive guide to Gravatar on my blog that you should read, and would appreciate you linking in this post, as It’s relevant topic.

    • Twitter:
      I don’t know…I know a lot of people that have a “business” twitter image that aren’t doing that well. Even popular people like Kim Garst who have a huge brand still use their profile pictures on Twitter. Now, I know that there are places like Facebook where you can have a fan page dedicated to your business and Google Plus has a feature where you can build a Google Page for your business…In those instances, I would say that a business logo is fine. But on Twitter, people do better with their profile pic.
      Wade Harman recently posted..The Interest In PinterestMy Profile

  12. Interesting I like how youd drew me in by taking the picture down making me curious so I had to see what was up.I wish someone would have told me this when I first started out .I had the logo thing to but it was badddd idea glad I switched

  13. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Hi Wade,
    Everyone has almost same evolution of Twitter Display pic, because when we start getting knowledge about twitter, we understand the value of a Twitter Profile pic, to start we use logo and other our business related images and after that everyone put their own pic in place of that..
    Nice post.!