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If you haven’t guessed by now, then you probably should know that I literally love using Twitter tools to build my site’s traffic.  It’s amazing at how much traffic you can drive by only placing 140 characters in the update bar.  But typing that lone update is only part of the equation in getting the most out of your social media marketing strategy.

I would like to discuss the value of some Twitter tools that I use to drive traffic and build a bigger following of readers.

Twitter Tools: To Automate or Not

I guess one of the biggest conflicts a person hears about or has to make a decision on in their blog is the function of the automation on Twitter.

The fact:

In order to drive social media traffic, you have to literally stay on these sites posting your updates. I was talking to a popular blogger the other day that basically snubbed their nose at these tools. They told me that when they posted, their social media strategies twitter toolsweren’t affected and that their fans would come.

Well sure, if you have thousands of fans and followers, then you’re not going to have to really use automation. if your follower base is faithful and hangs on every word you say, then there is probably no need for it. So if you’re one of those people that have 70k really faithful Twitter followers, then you probably don’t need to read this.

The fact of the matter is, in order to get noticed online you have to post your social updates as much as you can so you can stay in front of as many people as possible! When I first started I had no followers of any kind and this is the way I built my following online.

The fiction:

The calamity of the discussion of automation is the mere point that it’s not actually you posting. Usually the people that snub their nose up at this function are the one’s who either have a huge following already, are too tight to spend the money, or are jealous of what you have created with the product.

I hear all kinds of arguments on this subject, the main one being that if you’re not posting to social media yourself, then you’re not being personal.


Actually you can argue that having an automation system in place to update for you allows you to free up some time so you CAN interact and engage with your followers or other people that you want to talk to.

Same discussion with the same popular blogger…

best twitter toolsThey told me that I didn’t need to use an automator because…well, they really didn’t give me a reason, and that is usually the way the conversation goes with everyone I talk to. They try to discourage you from using this! In my opinion, it’s probably a ploy to keep you from becoming successful.

I’m on social media all day long. With the use of the automation system, I have the time and pleasure to interact with everyone all day long AND keep the posts on my blog on social media at the same time.

I know I’m ranting, keep reading and I’ll show you some things that I use below

The Deciding Factor of Which Twitter Tools To Use

There are a lot of Twitter tools that you can use to build your social updates and put them on a schedule. I’ll show you some that I have used in the past and what I like and don’t like about them.

For the broke blogger

Hey, I’m not laughing at you. When I first started, I didn’t have a dime to my name in the blogging world. So I can definitely relate to your situation. You have a blog, but don’t have enough money to spend on extras…that’s ok, because there are some cool Twitter tools that you can use!

  • Buffer- This tool will allow you to add articles, share photos, and share video’s and they will update them throughout the day to your social media.
  • HootSuite-This is also a paid program.  You can use the free version, but only allows certain social accounts to post to.

My Likes:

I like the fact that this free’s you up so you can go and do something else that you need to.  Very reliable.

My Dislikes:

With Buffer you only get a certain amount that you can use every day.  HootSuite allows you to post as much as you want, but has a limit on the number of social accounts that you can use.  Also you have to feed the machine daily as well.  That means that each day, you need to go into your account and update the social posts that you want to go out.  This basically means that it cannot set itself to a recurring scheduler.  Kind of a pain

Twitter Tools I Use

Here are the tools that I use to build my blog.  Sure, I started out with the free one’s but when I got more established I moved on to some that you didn’t have to fool with everyday.  These are totally hands free and worth every penny!  Check out the cool deal I’ve got for you on these programs if you sign up from this page too!

  • TweetAdder- This is an awesome tool that allows you to build your Twitter following and create killer updates! You post your updates one time and this will update on a recurring schedule. It’s one and done with these Twitter tools!  Don’t forget to connect your Facebook page to get the maximum potential out of your updates. Try TweetAdder FREE here!
  • Social Oomph- This is a more high-end tool for all around social media. Not only can you post to Twitter and Facebook, but also LinkedIn, Plurk, blog RSS, and all of their groups as well! It is more advanced with showing you analytic’s and where you need improvements! Try Social Oomph for free!

My Dislikes:

Hmmm…as it goes right now, I can’t seem to think of anything.  These two tools are responsible for bringing this blog into the limelight twitter toolsthis past year.  I literally love both of them and recommend them to anyone that wants to build a blog through social media traffic.

My Likes:

It does allow you to post on a recurring basis.  That’s not the most important part, but definitely a plus.  With that feature, you’re not constantly reminding yourself to go and update it.  The first time you get these you will have to spend about 15 mintues to load all the blog posts that you want them to share.  After that, you just feed every new post in it when you write it.  Very easy and self explanatory!

Taking Twitter Tools To The Next Level

You can literally use Twitter tools by themselves to bring your blog into existence.  Like I said above, typing in the 140 characters is just part of the equation.  Master the art of interaction and engaging and implement some different social tools into the mix and you will find that people will start seeing you more often.

Consistency is the key with anything and no different when you use Twitter tools.  Don’t forget to stay active on social media!  Just because you’ve got something posting for you doesn’t mean that this gives you a free ticket to stay away!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. On automation I just say NO.

    Once people realize that it’s not you that sent the message today, it’s you that sent the message last week, they’ll stop paying attention to your tweets.

    People are always trying to get MORE out of something but they forget the best way to get something is to GIVE something.

    • Yes I agree with your point. However, if you’re trying to build a following, stay up to date on your blog, interact with people and trying to make friends, and all that stuff, then it gets a little hectic. All I’m introducing is a way to eliminate one of those steps. Most people have your state of mind. They don’t like it because it’s a “machine” posting. However, I stay on TweetDeck all day and interact with people while my updates are being sent out.

      It’s the way you look at it. People that have never tried it, always have a bad review of it.

  2. tweets of ordinary men like us is not read in twitter……if u tweet to a star its remain unanswer….its relatively boring…….i agree with the post

  3. When you will have tools like that then no doubt these will work great for your social media promotion. Beside that when you will have unique idea for your online marketing then you can see how result will come in favor of you.

  4. Awesome post, your sincerity shines tru. For now am not using automated tweets. Buts it is highly relevant

  5. Twitter allows you to increase your conversion rates and increase better customer relationships. I always love to use twitter manually.

  6. When you will have tools like that then no doubt these will work great for your social media promotion. Beside that when you will have unique idea for your online marketing then you can see how result will come in favor of you.

  7. Hi Wade,

    I do use Buffer to schedule my tweets, but don’t use any automatic tool to follow people in bulk. I actually follow people manually and I think it’s the best way to build relevant audience on twitter.

      • I’m also feeling same thing ;) . But I like to ask one thing here, which share bar you’re using on your blog? It looks bit different and nice too.

  8. I have heard lots of tool for automately posting tweets. But why we need to do this action. I totally agree with you that we need naturally build Twitter channel

  9. Heard some good about TweetAdder. I’m still using TweetDeck, Buffer, ManageFilter, HootShot to atomize some of the regular tasks. It certainly saves some of our time on the one hand and on the other you can shoot your tweet on most optimized time.

  10. If it gives you a little time away from the computer, then it should really be good. I’m an avid user of twitter but I value my time with my family more. Do some people honestly think that sending constant updates personally at home is the same as spending time with your family? You can’t concentrate on two things at once.

  11. The most simplest way a blogger can do to become popular is to remain all day online interacting with your followers and at the same time come up with latest updates. But there are many bloggers who are students & and cannot manage to stay up to date for long hours. For them automation is very helpful. They can use various twitter tools to update, manage their time limit & interact with their followers at the same time. The only thing i want to learn more from you is that how can i avoid re-post of any update using Automation, or say how more efficiently automation can be utilized as per requirement. I would like to learmn more from you Wade if you some thing more to add this article!!

  12. I’m not really a fan of automation. I like it better if i posted on twitter personally. I just like it better that way.

    • Whatever works for you. Some people would rather only post themselves. This doesn’t mean that I don’t post to Twitter and other social media sites, it just means that it free’s me up to enjoy conversation with others without having to remember to post an update.

  13. I can’t help but say this… There’s a life outside the online world. So, yeah, i think it’s good to use automation. There’s more to living than hanging out infront of the computer. We should use the extra time to bond with people around us.

    • That’s a good point. However, if you’re trying to make a living online, then you tend to spend more time online than you do with outside people.

  14. Automation makes thing’s better. It’s more convenient that way. Just don’t get lazy.

  15. using TweetDeck, Buffer for some regular tasks. it really saves my time on the one hand and on the other side we can shoot your tweet on most optimized time

  16. I strongly suggest that the Twitter works as to send or get an instant public messages from as well as from other audience. This site attracts the potential customers where it fits with an effective platform for online communication. The tools which are sued for this social media are really awesome and perfect part of accepting their targets.

  17. Nice thorough information, thank you for this blog post! This should help those who also are having a hard time gaining more twitter followers for their presence!