What Is Social Bookmarking?

What Is Social Bookmarking?

A lot of people have came up to me and asked, what is social bookmarking? It’s a legitimate question, and I don’t mind getting asked what the pro’s would call “stupid” questions. You have to learn this stuff so you may as well feel like an idiot and ask someone.

If you are running a blog, or are trying to get your new blog up and running, then one thing that you will have to focus on is social media. Learning how social media works with Facebook, and knowing how some of the larger social sites like Twitter can get you lots of traffic will go a long way in benefiting you towards getting your site noticed online and getting traffic.

The road to social success starts with an ebook I wrote, that is totally free for you called, Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight. In this ebook I will show you how I get thousands of social media visits every day with simple tasks that don’t take too long to do. The best part is, you don’t have to wait a year and a half for the results to come in…they are immediate!what is social bookmarking

But what is social bookmarking?

Ok, so I digress a little in my blog posts, but I think its necessary for you to understand the full meaning of really understanding what is social bookmarking to your site.

The Definition of What Is Social Bookmarking

Have you ever shared a link to a site with a family member? Or emailed a link to a site to a friend? If so, then you have participated in social bookmarking.

It’s a very simple explanation, really, but for some reason, no one knows what it really means. However, when you share these links with your friends, in a sense you are “copying” that link to the web so they can view it later. You are more or less saving the link online.

This is basically called “tagging a website”. Is it important? You betcha! When someone comes across your site and shares it with a friend, then that is more powerful than most SEO techniques that are being used today!

What can Social Bookmarking do for me?

Not only are you able to save your favorite websites and share them with your friends, but you can also look and see what other people have saved and shared. It’s a give and take relationship. These links can be shared all across the internet and it is a great way to get involved with each other and start relationships or come across a new blog or website that you may otherwise not have found by yourself.

Social News, & Is It The Same As Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit focus on bookmarking related topics to that certain genre of information. In other words, if you wanted to submit to my Reddit, you would have to categorize it under “SEO_Blog”. Information is stored in the same genre that it is written so there is no confusion.

Ok I still don’t understand, what is social bookmarking?

Well, social sites like these are different from social bookmarking sites because they focus on specific blog articles or news related posts. It basically hedges specific topics that you want to read about.

Are you starting to understand what is social bookmarking now?

A lot of social bookmarking sites have recently displayed articles or blog posts that you can read or search for. To me, it’s kind of like a social media site because it stays updated all the time.

It is very important when you post your blog to also post it to the social bookmarking site of your preference. I also didn’t know what is a social bookmarking site either until I just studied everything out and finally came to the realization that it is important to use, just like these other social media sites that you stay on 24/7.

Can it get my site ranked higher? Well, since it does give you a link, I don’t see how it can hurt it in any way. Especially if people are sharing it to their social bookmarking services.

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  1. Social bookmarking is a good method for backlink building and something i dont do enough of.

  2. I think it’s nice that you are explaining each social network / bookmarking service to us. This is something that I don’t do enough of… I rely on Google for a lot of my traffic. If I started using some of these social services, I think I would have better success.

  3. Yes this is nice source to collect quality back links and traffic for your site in less time. Beside that there you can make your good social network and after that you can gain and share good experience in your social network.

  4. I became increasingly aware of the concept of social bookmarking. From this article, I got a new knowledge that “emailing a link of a site to friends also called social bookmarking”.
    Very useful for me who has just entered the world of blogging. You explain us with good style.

  5. Wade, enjoyed your article here on social bookmarking. You certainly have broke this down for bloggers. Personally, I use a social booking marking tool called TribePro. Typically I get 700 to 1000 bookmarking shares every time I post an article to my blog.

    Manually bookmarking can take some time but it’s good to do so until one can “tool” up to upscale their blogging efforts.

    As always, thanks for bringing the value to the table my friend!!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

  6. social media is a must have thing for today’s market as it help into increasing your traffic as well as building good backlinks.

  7. Well, now I understood about Social Bookmarking and it plays a major role in building a good backlink for our site.

    Thanks for sharing.