What You Need To Know About Google+ Communities

Have you heard of Google+ Communities? They are a great way to collaborate with others on different topics that are in your niche. Google+ Communities allow us to connect with each other on a more personal level, and when you can connect on a more personal google+ communitieslevel, success is made.

What are Google+ Communities?

These communities are just another way that you can interact with people. The best part about these communities is that you can pick and choose which community best fits your genre. In other words if you’re niche is about social media, then you would want to join a social media community on Google +

These communities are great ways to branch out and give your blog a greater reach. People love to interact with each other on places like this and it can be a sounding board for your posts or ideas.


Create Google+ Communities

If you don’t see any Google+ Communities that interest you, you can create your own Google+ Community. You can have it open to the whole world where everyone can join and abide by your rules, or you can have a private community set up the way you want it.

As said before, if you don’t find a community that is related to the blog you are creating, then you can create your own community that goes along with the concept of your blog.  Why do this?  It’s because these communities can drive relevant and targeted traffic to your site.

This is what makes Google Communities so powerful.  It is like-minded people congregating all in the same places looking for ideas and viewpoints on their topics.  They are looking for new things and new tips to bring their blog to another level.  This is all done on these communities.

How To Navigate Google + Communities

Navigating the communities is very easy. Once you are on your Google+ Profile you will see the “Communities” tab on the left.

Google+ Communities

The Communities that have relevance to you will be listed.

From there it is a simple task of just joining the communities that are of interest to you.  Choose wisely, because this is where you traffic will come from.  Make sure you are joining communities that are of relevance to your blog.

In Conclusion

Google+ Communities is just another way to interact with each other.  Some communities allow you to distribute your blog posts in the relevant categories on the community page, other communities frown on blatant posting of blog articles.  Make sure you read the rules of each community before you go in half cocked.  The worst thing you can do is to disregard the rules.

All in all, Google+ Communities are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and meet new people.  This is really what becoming successful is all about!  Here are some of the communities that I’m involved in:

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Social Media

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  1. Heru Prasetyono says:

    Good tips Wade. Google+ is really new for me. I just started and it looks awesome. I join into one of communities there and I hope I will make lots of friends there. I know a little about google+ so I will explore it and learn what advantages I can get there. Thank you Wade.

  2. Wade,

    I love Google communities! I like that I can join or create ones that are in my niche. And everything is so easy. I joined a small, tight-nit one for WAHMs, I love it!


  3. Hi Wade,

    Thanks for this informative posts and for your tips on how to create communities, I see Google+ communities are much like Facebook groups, at first I got confused between Google page and Google community, but if you think into it; its the same as Facebook Page and Facebook group.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Salman Ahmad says:

    Google is trying to overcome Facebook lol.
    These communities are really awesome !

  5. I love that they added this feature! I started a group for WAHMs!

  6. Marcel Spitz says:

    What a great article you have written Richard. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy New Year. Regards.