Where Is Your Traffic?

Traffic For The Masses

I have been thinking of a website’s traffic generation and leads here lately. Billions of people everyday are online searching the internet for something. Google alone gets (Dr. Evil Finger) 2 Billion searches every day! So why is your website only seeing 5-25 people daily? Hmmm, it’s enough to bang your head against the wall because of it! All of this traffic, and you are missing out! I know that it is exciting to have the idea in your head of a blog that is going to make lots of money. You dream of quitting your job and being able to sleep until 10am every morning before going to work in your pajamas! This is a great purpose to have for your blog, but many people quit after only a few months because they begin to realize that the dream that they had in their head is going to take some actual work to get! They quit because they are not consistent with their blog. They do not write on a schedule and therefore Google doesn’t recognize the new content.

If Traffic Is There, How Do I Get It?

The traffic is always going to be there. You just have to know the different ways and techniques to get it to your blog! SEO is very important to include it in your blog. For those of you who are using WordPress, the best way to get noticed by Google is through the SEO Presser Pluginfor WordPress. If you stay on your schedule, and write your blog posts, this is the best plugin to have at your disposal. It has more #1 rankings on Google than any other WordPress SEO plugin!

Get the thought of, I can do everything without spending a dime out of your head. It takes money to make money, and, as you know, traffic doesn’t come freely to those of you who are struggling to get visitors. This is another point: Don’t be hardheaded when it comes to getting traffic! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on things, but some things are necessary in order to get the traffic flowing your way.

Using Social Media Sites For Traffic

If you are still trying to rank for that certain high competition keyword in the search engines, and, like I said previously, are only getting a few visits per day, then you might want to consider Social Media for traffic.

In today’s online world, you could spend forever trying to post updates about your site so that others will come to it. I keep driving this home, and for those of you that have seen this before, I apologize. However, it is a very important part of Social Media strategy to drive traffic to your website; It is a site called Social Oomph. This website takes all of your social media accounts and allows you to post updates through a schedule. From this one site, you can manage each individual social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All you have to do is create a free account. Schedule your tweets, and forget it. This will allow you the freedom of not having to be on Twitter or Facebook all day updating. I will tell you this. It is only free to use with Twitter. If you want to use all of the other features, you can try the 7 day trial for free on the “professional” version. I recommend this version because if you don’t allow Social Oomph to schedule updates on these other sites, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic!

A Great Tip For Traffic

Here is a freebie that I will include in this post: It is ineviteable that you are going to get the traffic that you want to make money with your blog. This is a given. If you keep your blog up to date, do your SEO, then you will start to see traffic come flooding in. One last tip before I close is a way to make money with this traffic coming in. You can even make money with this with the few that are coming in right now, so I suggest that you start on it right away.

You can make money on your traffic! This is a free program to join, but totally legitimate! You will make $5 for every person that you refer to this site to join for free. No catches and no gimmicks, just a great way to capitalize on some extra money at the beginning!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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