Why Facebook Has The “Greediest” Fingers In Social Media

I take pride in my job as a social media blogger.  You already know my story, and I won’t make you hear it again, but I like to think that new bloggers can come to this site and get some tips on how to do site promotion the free ways or the cheapest ways possible…because that’s how I learned to do it myself.

Believe me, I get it.  You’re out there all by yourself, trying to make an honest living at home.  Whatever your situation, it has brought you to the point of trying online income out as a primary means to bring home the bacon for your family.greedy facebook

I really get it.

I was there myself not too long ago.  That’s why I vowed to show people the cheapest ways to promote their blog and get great traffic to their blog fast and efficient.

What I don’t get is the sheer fact that three posts that I have written about Facebook in the past month, are basically null and void.  Well, not the concepts and the way to get more likes, notice-ability, etc, but what’s different is the prices for these features.

Is Facebook Becoming Money Hungry?

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has changed everything about their prices on advertising and promoted posts for fan pages here lately. It could be a number of different reasons as to why they actually made this change, but of course, money is the number one reason.

Heck, I think Facebook is getting so bad and starting to become such “money-grubbers” that I actually put the word Greedy in italics in the post for fear of them coming after me with a lawsuit!

One could also say that Facebook is trying to make room for big businesses to advertise while pushing the small marketer to the side.  I recently ran across a website that explained how Facebook only made 2 pennies per ever user on Facebook. That does sound like means to jack up the ad prices doesn’t it?

However, they then go on to tell us that Facebook made $64 million in revenue. But what they’re not thinking about is that everyone on Facebook is not using it for business. I did a quick search (and you may find this out before I do) about how many people actually use Facebook for business and all I could find was this infographic telling how many businesses use Facebook…not really what I was looking for.

If someone could find out the number of people that only use Facebook for personal reasons, I believe that it would outnumber the one’s that actually use it for business purposes. So this number is off by my calculation.

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Recently their fan page advertising for “Likes” only used to be a moderate $30. Meaning that you HAD to spend thirty dollars in order to even advertise with them. Last night, I found out something different. I don’t know if you can actually read the words in pink, but if you can’t it basically says that $30 is too low of a budget. They now only accept $70 as the lowest form of advertising for fan pages!

facebook ad price change

On to Promoted Posts:

One other thing Facebook has changed recently is the pricing for their promoted posts for your fan page.  I have included yet another screen shot of what these prices are.

facebook ads

Promoted posts used to only cost us $5-$10, and reach upwards of 11k people!  Now you can see what they are doing with it.  Also, promoted posts aren’t that great for building your fan page base.  I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but as you already know, promoted posts can reach your fans and their friends.  So it is possible, but I have never had that much luck with getting a new fan through promoted posts.  This comes later, when your fan base is pretty large.

Building Fans With Facebook’s Prices This High

Like I said before, I can understand that you may not have enough cash to spend on a $70 fan page like advertisement, or even a $50 promoted post. Shoot, I’m making pretty decent money right now and I don’t even want to spend that much money on it!

So what to do?

Well, there’s really nothing that we can do about the ad prices changing. Other than beating our heads against the wall, we’re pretty much going to have to live with it. However, there are little things that you can do to build your fan base up without having to spend that much money on it.

Please note: Free ways, even though they work in the end, aren’t faster than spending money on the advertising.

I tried to think about what I would have done if this had happened to me while I was trying to break into the blogging industry. Here are the solutions that I have thought of…and some I still do today!

  • Holding Contests: Using free websites like Rafflecopter to build on your Facebook fan page likes in a hurry.  There is one catch to this.  Give away something that pertains to your website or what you are trying to say on your blog.  In other words, make it niche-worthy.  Otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of un-targeted people liking your page just to get the prize.
  • Fan Page Friday: Create a Fan Page Friday on your fan page.  Announce it about three days before and watch as people line up to get their fan page listed.  This is a really fast way to get more likes to your page, however, it’s very chaotic and does bring a lot of un-targeted fans.  That said, only “advertise” your event in Facebook groups that are closely related to the niche you’re in.
  • Include it in your email: Place your fan page in your signature link of your email to get more likes.  There’s a good one I use with Gmail called WiseStamp that’s free and easy to use and you can include a lot of things in there as well!
  • Send it to your email list: Another great way to get targeted fans is to send it to your email list. If you’re a new blogger and haven’t started your list, then check out this post for best results.
  • Start a sharing group: This is a great way to get the word out on your fan page.  I’m currently in a lot of different sharing groups right now and it really helps to build your reader base.  Also read how you can promote your fan page using this free tool.

Rolling With The Facebook Punches

Facebook is probably going to raise their prices again and again. And while I may think that $70 is too expensive now, it probably won’t change when they raise it to $150!

A good blogger will adapt to the changes made in social media. A great blogger will not only adapt but succeed. Don’t just be a mediocre blogger. Stand out from the crowd. Be consistent. This will happen for you if you really put your heart into it.

Hey Facebook!  Your ads are too expensive!  But if you think that’s going to stop us from succeeding, if you are trying to weed us out, then you may as well stop because we’re not going anywhere!

Your Turn:

Have you noticed the Facebook advertising price change yet? Are you concerned as well that they are trying to go “big business” and push us bloggers out in the cold? What is your take on they way Facebook uses this to make even more money on all of us?

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  1. Sorry for offtopic, the article is definitely great, but the title is just killing) you know how to attract readers attention for sure!

    • That’s no problem Evan, thanks for mentioning that…it’s one of the key features to get people to come to your blog from social sites.

  2. Excellent post Wade,

    To answer your question I think yes.
    But this is a financial thing more than anything else.

    People forget FB still hasn’t made good on that $38 IPO from last year.
    Marky Z and the gang owe investors a return and they are not as patient as you might think.

    It’s really a catch 22 for fb.

    They will continue to lose users as they game the ads for more money.
    They will continue to lose investors as they fail to turn a profit .

  3. Hi,
    This blog is really interesting that may create reputation and may generates traffic automatically using facebook and other social media’s ,But facebook only having heavily relied social media in social media marketing that helps in business growth.
    Thanking you

  4. HI Wade:

    How are you?

    I totally agree with you when you say and I quote –
    “You’re out there all by yourself, trying to make an honest living at home.”

    I know how it is to be all alone at my PC at home,
    Working almost 360 days in a year
    Trying to make an honest living
    By being independent.

    And then you have to figure out
    How to advertise
    Without it costing a fortune –

    Because really – hardly anyone online
    Is earning a fortune.

    So, I get where this post is coming from.
    Point accepted. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care.
    Best wishes and regards
    Veena :)

  5. In my Zuckerberg further and further deepens in monetizing their social network, will soon have to pay for it to send a message to another user)

  6. Yes facebook is researching on new things, other ways to earn money online. Because so many users are joining facebook, those who joined they never leave from the facebook.

  7. Wow grate way to see it and advise, well i getting to the blogger business wish me luck !!1

  8. With the evident success of Facebook in having more than a billion users and is used as one of the most efficient marketing tactics in social media, it is no wonder that Facebook is returning the favor to themselves. They are here for business anyway.

  9. Great advises, i am going to try Rafflecopter as i’ve seen it on many other top blogs. But i’ve to think about what to offer to my site visitors for a try i think the cheapest giveaway offer will work for the start.

  10. Hey Wade,
    Can you blame them? It’s is their turn now to rake in some cash by all means. Who knows what might bring their downfall? No one. So making hay whiles the sun shines is the ideal thing to do.


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