Why moms should make money online

Why moms should make money online

Back in 2000 when I was still in college I figured out a way to make a little money online. I loved to scrapbook and my friends and I figured out that people would pay money for certain supplies that they couldn’t get in their own towns. These days you can find most of that stuff at Walmart or a local store but back then it was a little harder to do so.  We put those items on Ebay and we were able to make a little bit of profit.  This was my introduction to making money online. From 2000 to 2004 I worked a full-time job so any money I made online was really just extra. In 2004 I became a mom and I knew I wanted to stay home with my children. From that moment until now I have worked hard to bring in some kind of extra income for my family.

I really think it is a great idea for moms to make money online. It gives us moms a little more freedom to buy extras for our children. In the last eight years I have made money online with Ebay, Direct sales, blogging, tweeting and a few other random ideas. I have been able to pay for swim lessons, Christmas presents, trips to McDonald’s and all the little extras that come with having children. As of right now my husband’s income pays the bills and my income pays for our extras.

I enjoy making my own money online because it means my husband doesn’t have to go out and get a second job. It means that I can work from home, be home with my own children and help provide for our family. Someday this might mean helping pay for college or retirement.

The nice thing about making money online is that there are so many different ways to do it. If you like to write, there is blogging. If you are into more craft type projects there is Etsy. If you enjoy a certain product, there is direct sales. All of these can be businesses you can grow from home in your own time.

As more and more families feel that they need two incomes instead of one, more and more women are looking for different solutions to figure out how they can bring in extra money from home.

If you are just starting out making money online, it might feel pretty overwhelming to you. My advice would be to stick it out and figure out what works best for you and your family. You can succeed at this and make it work.


Julie is a WAHM of three little boys. She lives in Tennessee with her husband of 10 years. She loves blogging, photography, reading, traveling and a yummy cup of coffee. You can view her posts about blogging and making money online at The How To Make Money Online Mom

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  1. This should be motivation enough to get a newbie started. Blogging is a very lucrative field to get into!

  2. I think everybody should start making money online. I’m a high school student and I’m not actually old enough to get a “real” job. In Florida, you have to be 16 to work anywhere except grocery stores, so I applied to both grocery stores in town when I turned 15. I kept reapplying and reapplying and nothing ever came of it. Then I decided to start making money online. It’s slow, but hopefully by the time I turn 16 in May, I won’t have to work at Burger King or Dunkin’ Donuts… Blogging is more comfortable, relaxing, and it’s fun. Your “boss” is your readers, your “paycheck” isn’t a fixed amount each week, and your “schedule” is sleep into whenever you want. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

  3. I wish more people realized that making money online is a real possibility. Most people think anything online that has to do with money is a scam. It drives me crazy. If I’m doing it then I know others can do it too.

  4. Julie, great post. I agree with you on many points! As more and more stay at home moms get exposed to online marketing and blogging I am sure we will see more of them giving it a go.

    Especially, after reading your article. You are a great inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

  5. Hey Julie, its great to meet you here. Few minutes back I hadn’t any idea of who Julie is, but after reading your article I know most of the things that is required to know a person in personal.

    You, being a mother, doing so much online, is something inspiring to us. I thought being a student (like me), having an online business is tough but I was wrong being a mother is much more tougher then being a student to blog.

    I would like to add a single line on your fourth paragraph: knowing designing can bring you a graphic designer in presence. And that gives you huge money – I’m a live example of it.

    I really would like to read more articles from you. I too have submitted something on working mom but the blog owner doesn’t have approved and I moved with that post to some other blog. I really would like to read your comment on mine.

  6. Making money online is a surety when one is really committed to what he or she is doing.

  7. Making Money Online is possible but you need 3 basic and most needed things to become successful on internet!
    1. Hard Work
    2. Patience
    3. Networking and marketing


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