Why The Warrior Forum Makes Me Mad

Warrior Forum In All Its Glory

Hey, I will not discount the warrior forum as a whole, it is a great place to go and find some social networking people, and for the most part, some of the guys and girls on there are pretty good people. I am not ranting about the Warrior Forum to say that you shouldn’t gowarrior forum there. By all means, go and join the Warrior Forum!

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In all of its glory, this forum is a great tool for internet marketers to use and make money with. However, if you are a new blogger or internet marketer trying to find a foothold in the business, I wouldn’t recommend that you join this place because it is full of ruthless, jealous people!

What I Love About The Warrior Forum

I know it seems like I am going back and forth a lot on this post, but there is a point to my rambling, as I will show you more into the heart of this blog…bear with me.

See how this warrior gets over 30,000 visits from Twitter just by doing one thing!

There are a lot of people that are joining the Warrior Forum everyday. No problem there, it IS a good place to be. Here is why I love this forum:

  • Social Networking- I have never been on a forum that is so susceptible to people networking with each other.  Like I said before, MOST of the people on there are good people.  They are there for the right reasons, and networking is one of the things that makes this forum great.
  • Great Backlinks- The Warrior Forum is a PR5 forum.  When you set up your profile, you are allowed a signature link.  There is no minimum posts that you have to make, you can start out with gaining backlinks right away!  Join the Warrior Forum Here.
  • Make Money- There are people that come to this forum every day that want to spend money!  This is no joke!  I was on the Warrior Forum for one day and made over $50 without really trying!  One of the main focuses of this forum is to become a War Room Member.  This is where you pay $37 for a lifetime membership to be allowed to post in different threads that allow you to promote different products.  With one exception to creating a WSO(Warrior Special Offer) you can post this for all to see for a fee of $40.  Usually the WSO’s are pitch or squeeze pages that do really well there.

By far, the forum is a great place to do business with people, find new friends and make money!

Why I Hate The Warrior Forum

warrior forumOk, here goes. This is why I hate this forum. As many of you know, I am pretty open to helping all kinds of bloggers get started. I want people to be encouraged and learn how to make money online! I could care less if you make more than me! I just want to help you get on your feet!

As I stated before, I do not recommend that a new blogger, or a newbie in general join this forum. Why? Because your dreams get crushed, no one wants to help you, and everyone has a negative opinion of what you are trying to do!

Here is an example:

There was this one newbie that had just joined and was asking a question of how to get more money on his site. His site, by the way, was a site that showed people how to make money.

His question was a legitimate one. He was asking someone’s professional opinion of how to make a sale on a certain item and how he should promote it. He was met with a barrage of remarks such as these:

-You have a site that shows people how to make money, and you are asking us how to make money?

-You should not get into something that you don’t know about!

-I have never before seen something this pathetic!

I mean, come on!  This is why I hate the Warrior Forum.  They do not like helping anyone out.  Who are they, the internet police or something?

If you have a desire to learn about helping people make money online, then I say go for it!  2 years ago when I started blogging, I wanted to do the same.  I knew nothing about the business.  I just knew that people made money online and that’s what I wanted to do!  If I had have been a member of this forum back then, I probably would have given up!

Here are a few more reasons why the Warrior Forum Sucks

I come across plenty of people that want to start a blog in a field that they know nothing about. They do this because they know that it’s a lucrative field to get into and that they can make a lot of money. What do I tell them? Go for it! With research, you can become familiar with anything! The professional bloggers of today, the one’s that we all go to when we need to learn something about, started from ground zero at one point or another!

So all of the guys at the Warrior Forums that are telling people that they can’t do something, get a life! They are probably better off at my forum called the Blog Forum, where newbie’s are encouraged to ask questions!

Why You Don’t Need The Warrior Forum To Make Money:

It’s true, but you don’t need it!  A lot of that stuff on there is pure junk and doesn’t benefit anyone but the seller.  What does it take to make money online?  Traffic.  There are simply two kinds of traffic: SEO and Social Media…these are the major one’s.  Since SEO takes so long to see the results from, I chose social media as a way to really drive a lot of traffic to this site.

If you are wanting to learn how to make some extra money online, I can help!  Most of the stuff from the warrior forum will cost you an arm and a leg and then you never see any results! See how I can help you with my one on one tutorials to get you where you need to be with your traffic.

Once you get the traffic figured out, the rest is easy! Don’t waste your money by being a warrior! Take your learning from a Top Ten nominated social media blogger like myself! Let’s get started today!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. Enstine Muki says:

    Just like on any forum like this, you get people that are ready to help and some folks who are just mad and I don’t think there is any way to avoid this. As you know people think differently and have different approaches to issues. While others think with their brains, some use just their eyes and make conclusions.

    Like you said, WF is a nice place and lots of people are ‘harvesting’ big-time on it. While newbies can really meet help there, they are up to a wild game with some ruthless members.

  2. Wedding Album Cafe says:

    I love this article. I am considering joining Warrior Forum (or perhaps i already did i can’t recall) but am especially curious about joining the war room. I get the general impression that is geared towards seo, blogging and traffic etc. My question is could this forum help people in a Art driven business such as mine? In general I am not a huge of fans of forums for the very reasons you describe. I do however want traffic so can you let me know if I can find a community of photographers or like minded individuals over at the War Room?

  3. justin JkoSuggests says:

    Wade, great insight about warrior forum. I have tried interacting there as well, but with little influence. Every once in awhile one might find a good tip. More times than not, though, it seems like a forum that exists to say “we are better than you are”. thanks for a great article.

  4. I hate WarriorForums WSO only crap nothing special all that stuff is freely available on Blackhatworld. I love BHW ofr the reason they try to put effort and sharing their techniques and tips freely in the public however their VIP Lounge is not good.

  5. Morning Wade,

    The problem is people are pretending that are making an income from the internet. Most times its easy to expose these people, but if your fresh of the Internet Marketing boat then the WSO section will seem like “HEAVEN” a true gift.

    But in actual fast its quite the opposite, providing you are not in a rush to make money online and feet your feet on the ground you can be select and find some valuable information. If you are unable to do that as a newbie, your right when you say its best to be avoided.

  6. Heru Prasetyono says:

    You’re an open minded person Wade. You like helping people tenderly. This is the difference between you and the other bloggers and other forums. Therefore I feel convenient to leave comments here in your blog because you always accept other opinions positively. Because of you I know more of how to make money online is.

    Yes, once I wanted to register for The Warrior Forum but I canceled it. I feel I am not ready yet to join in it. The competition is so high here. I prefer learning from the senior blogger like you. Thank you for sharing this important information.