Why You Need to Use Pinterest for Business

Perks of Pinterest for Business

Social media marketing is set to get more interesting this year. Words and pictures are the new show and tell trends of social networks, and Pinterest is the rising star in the images category. Pinterest is an image based social network which keeps on growing, having attained an increase of 2000% in 2012. comScore notes they had 28 million US visitors in December, up from 25 million in September.

TechCrunch has christened it “Amazon, but social,” and according to the LA Times it is “ranked by Experian as the third-most-popularpinterest traffic social network behind Twitter and Facebook.” Its real strength lies in the demographics, which were enough to encourage the Obama campaign to ensure the first lady, Michelle Obama, had an active Pinterest presence. Forbes reports Pinterest is very popular with “college-educated females between the ages of 25 of 44.” Known as a ‘sweet spot’, for brands, due to their purchasing power, and prolific use of e-commerce and social networks.

If this matches your target demographic then Pinterest ought to be a key part of your social media strategy for 2013. The returns, especially for e-commerce companies and brands, justify the investment of time and marketing spend. Wired reports that “a Pinterest user is 72 percent more likely to have found an item to buy on the site than a Facebook user.”

Pinterest however is not the easiest social network to work with for businesses. So far it is yet to release a public API for developers. They only launched a Pinterest for Business portal late last year, in preperation for a long awaited and much rumoured API launch.

Using Pinterest for Traffic

Organic growth won’t happen overnight, but if you share and re-pin images related to your brand, like fashion designer Joy Cho (83 boards, 12.4 million followers, and counting) then using Pinterest will start to generate results. Pinterest users are often self confessed addicts. Minutes turn into hours whilst sharing ideas, inspiration, advice and posting their own content. There are three key ingredients when it comes to engaging on this very active social network – authenticity, humor, and passion. The most successful brands skillfully blend all three within images. These images work best when they are either real, real and funny, or have a definite ‘wow’ factor. Written content also works, within the framework of images, so ensure what you are pinning has visual appeal. Seasonal pins (brands and e-commerce companies noted a definite boost thanks to Pinterst during the holiday season), contest, lists, and tutorials are all examples of strategies which work well for Pinterest power users.

Equally, if you invest in an analytics tool, like Pinster, (recently launched their free beta) then you can gain a valuable understanding of your audience, including how and when best to engage with them. You will be glad you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon sooner rather than later.

Note from Wade Harman:

I recommend that you get your invitation to Socialrithmic’s new beta called Pinster and get in line for this awesome product.  From what I can tell this is going to really boost productivity on your Pinterest site, build engagement, and bring more interaction on your pins.

Dominic Tarn is EMEA Head of Marketing for Pinster, a Socialrithmic product. Supercharge your Pinterest efforts. Follow us on Twitter @pinsterme & @socialrithmic

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  1. Hi Dominic,
    Any idea how Pinterest handles copy right issues? Most of the users are not photographers. Where do they get the ‘WOW’ images without copyright infringements?

  2. I don’t know much about Pinterest. But it seems interesting to join into. This is a kind of challenge if I can make use of this social media to generate massive traffic to my blog and I hope so. Thank you very much for sharing this actual information. This is another value for me.

  3. Pinterest, like all social networks, is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbor guidelines – more information can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Millennium_Copyright_Act

    I also discussed the issue of copyright on Pinster’s blog after a lawyer and photographer brought the issue up and the media carried the story. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann later called her to discuss the matter and she was happy with the outcome.

  4. Hi Dominic

    Great information!

    I’m on Pinterest for quite some time but I don’t see any spike in traffic. What should I be doing correctly there to see the the traffic. If you can share the insights that will be helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • I’m glad you liked the article. If you use an analytics monitoring tool, like Pinster, it will tell you when your audience is online and then you can target pins for those times, which means you can target them even better.

  5. Pinterest is different from other social media sites which helps to show case our portfolios. I like the concept of creating boards for various activities.

  6. I haven’t tried Pinterest yet. I’ll sure try this one soon and see how well would I like it.

  7. First of all thanks for sharing such a wonderful post here. To talk about Pinterest website. whenever I submit my blog updates and images always getting much traffic but then my bounce rate getting high. Is there any way to get the same traffic from pinterest without increasing bounce rate.

    Thanks Mate,
    Amol M

  8. Pin Interest is one of my Favorite link sharing site. BTW nice article.

  9. Pinterest is commonly used by several businesses to brand sales and products and it is also a good alternative for Facebook. And since it is now also a large social media sites that’s why you can also get potential customers from it. great article, thanks!

  10. I’ve been using Pinterest from quite sometime and found to be really a useful one for bloggers and small business owners. Thanks for writing on this Dominic.

  11. Hi Dominic,
    One of the things most often talked about when discussing Pinterest seems to be its power to drive traffic. Wonder whether you feel certain businesses benefit more from Pinterest use than others? Thanks again for sharing with the BizSugar community!

    • Some businesses benefit more naturally from the 85% female demographic of Pinterest – so fashion designers, jewelery, perfume, interior decor, furniture, and restaurants are doing well.

  12. Hmm, I’m of the opinion that we should research deeper into our customers beyond demographics and ensure that a community relevant to our goals/customers are at least present on Pinterest before diving into it, regardless of the platform involved. i.e. psychographics to me play just as important role.
    Just my 2 cents.

  13. hey mate,
    pinterest is the best substitute of facebook many are using this in their business
    thanks for sharing such a nice information
    keep it up

  14. Hey Dominic,
    Nice post with great information and Yes, pinterest is one of the best networking site to drive traffic for blog and helps to get more readers for our blog as I am also a user of pinterest. Thanks for sharing this post.


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