Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

It’s true, you should be paying attention to your Pinterest marketing strategy.  When most people come online to “make money” Pinterest is hardly the first choice pinterest marketing strategyof social platforms.  It’s an easy bet that people will sign up for Facebook, G+, and Twitter, because it seems like it’s almost the norm for marketers to congregate at these locations.

Lately, I’ve had to pay attention to my Pinterest account because of all the activity that is happening on there.

Maybe you already know that Pinterest is important. Good for you. It’s not that I DIDN’T think that it wasn’t important, I just really never had the mind to stay active on there. Sure I had enough brains to actually create the account a year ago, and I do pin my images every time I post on this blog, but there is something more there.

Why Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy is Important

Ok so one day last week I was looking at my stats and about fell over. Over 35% of my blog’s traffic was coming from Pinterest. It’s kinda like when you casually throw something at the wastebasket without thinking about it and it goes in…if you had tried to do it, you probably wouldn’t have made it. That’s the way I felt when I looked at my Pinterest stats.

Then I remembered the Pinterest marketing tool I had been using since two months ago. I had totally forgotten all about it!

Let me explain this to you

As I researched these results I began to realize that a picture WAS worth a thousand words, and, in my case, almost a thousand dollars too! This tool had single-handedly created income without me even realizing it was working!

Ok, let me reel this back before it starts sounding like a sales pitch, because I don’t mean for it to.

While I was pinning images from every new post that I published, I forgot that this thing was working behind the scenes for me while I wasn’t there. I guess in my busy haste, I set it up and left it and it began to become active on this platform for me, pinning, liking, and re-pinning others images to my boards.

No wonder I kept getting all of those emails about more people following me, liking this image or that image, and getting notifications of people re-pinning my images.

Watch this video of how it’s done.

The importance of a Pinterest marketing strategy is engagement. If you are staying active on any social platform, sooner or later, you’re going to hit the mark. Heck, even a broken clock is right two times a day!

As I write this, I’m sitting here wondering what kind of traffic I would be getting if I had actually been using this marketing tool instead of forgetting about it!

Oh boy, I’ve got to slow down…stuff like this is too important to forget!

Here’s what it can do: (This is also great if you’re doing work for a client)

Try It Out Today!

But you understand the concept of engaging. From where I’m standing, it looks as though the more I have pinned and re-pinned and liked on other people’s boards, the more they have reciprocated as well back to me. It’s not as though you want to go big time on Pinterest, but a few hundred people per day on this platform would be nice, right? That’s why you need to learn how to market your blog for Pinterest the right way and understand the concepts of getting engaged to others around you.

Understanding The Pinterest Marketing Strategy

People respond to images. That’s no big disclosure. You already knew that. But what if you could pick the right image? What if you could pin something to Pinterest, leave it for a couple of days (or in my case literally months) and find out that something extraordinary had happened in your stats?

Try this awesome Pinterest marketing strategy, I know you’re going to be surprised like I was. I will also start posting reports about this tool as I get more familiar with it. As of right now, all I know is that it can keep you active on Pinterest. However, as I look at the dashboard interface, there are tons more things that you can do with it. This will be the first post in a series called a Pinterest marketing strategy.

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  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Pinterest, organically, has been generating great traffic.
    4th top referral site for some of our client’s websites.
    Wade…I noticed you do not have links opening in new window…taking us away form your page?

  2. HI WADE,
    Well pinterest is the best Social media site. People often ignore this site and don’t pay attention to it. I have started the pinterst account and daily post pin on the pinterest.
    Thanks for the amazing post and keep up the good work
    Have a nice weekend and a great week ahead.

  3. Great piece of info! I think Pinterest has change their policy about “Avoid excessive self promotion”, it no longer exist on Pin Etiquette. I learn also that some trusted brand/company do an excessive self promo (IMO). What do you think about this? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  4. Pinterest is really one of the best places to drive traffic to a blog and, many people has already realized and using it for their advantage so, its better you also start using it for traffic. Thanks for sharing

  5. The types of images you use are just as important as the subject matter of the images. Pinterest users are highly visual and will more often than not be attracted to images that are high quality, make them laugh, depict something incredibly cute, or have something unique about them. What this means is that stock photo’s don’t make a splash, snapshots won’t draw anyone’s attention unless there’s something heartwarming going on, and the only cartoons allowed are ecards.
    If you really don’t have the camera, time, or talent to create your own images then make sure you spend a good amount of time hunting down beautiful images that are available for your use. If they aren’t then please give credit to whomever deserves it. Another thing about pinners is that they don’t like frauds. Whether you’re passing something off as your own, or simply just spamming Pinterest with a link to an irrelevant product they will not follow you or repin you.
    Another option after images, which not enough people have taken advantage of yet, is to create video content. When you pin a video it plays right there within the pin, users are not rerouted to YouTube where you could potentially lose the engagement. Videos, whether you’re creating them yourself or recycling the content of others just to draw attention to your brand, are a great way of increasing interaction because it’s something that people naturally want to share. If your a music streaming site for example, a great option for marketing on Pinterest would be to pin the videos of the artists on your site.


  6. Interesting tool Wade. Looks like an excellent way to be more efficient on Pinterest. I’m a big believer of targeting specific demographics within your Social Media Strategy. That strategy helps bring only high quality people traffic (aka people that are truly interested) back to your site. Is this tool, able to target, for example, gender and age group?


  1. BizSugar.com says:

    Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy…

    It’s true, you should be paying attention to your Pinterest marketing strategy.  When most people come online to “make money” Pinterest is hardly the first choice of social platforms. Here’s why it should be for traffic and money….